Jharkhand: Questions are being raised regarding the method of reservation given to transgenders, know what is the whole matter.

Jharkhand Government has decided to provide social security to transgenders and to provide them the benefit of reservation to bring them into the mainstream of the society. People of this community who have not got reservation in any category, will be given the benefit of reservation under the vacant number 46 of Other Backward Class (OBC) category. Eunuchs of general category will also get benefits in this category. Meanwhile, the decision to give reservation to transgenders amidst the existing structure of reservation is also being strongly criticized. Senior journalist Dilip Mandal has raised questions regarding reservation given to transgenders under OBC category.

Dilip Mandal posted on social media platform
– Reservation of SC transgenders in SC
– Reservation of ST transgender in ST
– Reservation of OBC transgender in OBC
– So is there reservation for upper caste transgenders in EWS?

No, Jharkhand government has put upper caste transgenders in OBC.
This is anti-OBC work of @HemantSorenJMM officers.”

NCBC is giving this argument
Like Dilip Mandal, leaders of many political parties have also raised questions on the decision of Hemant Soren government of Jharkhand. According to a report in ‘The Times of India’, the proposal of OBC reservation for the transgender community has been opposed by none other than the National Commission for Other Backward Classes. Most of the members of NCBC argue that this proposal of the government violates the criteria set by the Mandal Commission for determining Other Backward Classes (OBC). They also argue that transgenders cannot be considered a separate group under OBC.

According to NCBC members, transgenders should be considered included in the caste groups in which they were born. For example, if a transgender is born in a Scheduled Caste (SC) family, then he/she should be considered as SC. Reservation benefits should be given under that. Similarly, if a transgender is in Scheduled Tribe (ST), then he should get the benefit of reservation under that category only. Similarly, if a transgender is born in an OBC family, then he can be given the benefit of reservation under this category.

Transgenders are not a caste but a gender
NCBC also argues that transgenders are not actually a race, but a gender. Caste is the one in which one was born. Caste is determined by birth. Therefore, one should get the benefit of reservation under the caste in which he is born.

Most of the NCBC members also believe that if transgenders are considered a separate community under OBC and given reservation, it will harm the interests of other classes. Especially the interests of the general class.

Need to understand aspects of the decision – CP Singh
Speaking to NDTV, MLA from Jharkhand and senior BJP leader CP Singh said, “As far as I know… the reservation given to eunuchs by the Jharkhand government has been given in the same category in which they fall. For example. , If any eunuch comes from OBC category, he will get reservation in OBC only. If any transgender comes from SC, he will get reservation in this category. If any upper caste transgender, then he will get reservation in this category. Because upper caste There is no reservation for upper caste people, but 50 percent of the reservation is for general i.e. upper caste. I do not have complete knowledge about transgender. But as per my opinion, if there is any upper caste transgender, then he should get reservation in this category. “Benefits should be given. Where is the controversy in Jharkhand’s case? To understand this, we need to understand every aspect.”

Government should reconsider its decisions
At the same time, former member of the State Backward Classes Commission, Central President of ‘Sah Moolvasi Sadan Morcha’ Rajendra Prasad, in a recent conversation with the media, has raised questions on the decision of the Hemant Soren government. He said that the transgender case is pending in the State Backward Classes Commission. It is unconstitutional to include transgenders in OBC without the opinion of the Commission. Besides this, it is also playing with the rights of OBCs. The government should reconsider its decision.

Eunuchs will get a pension of one thousand rupees every month
Let us inform that in the Jharkhand Cabinet meeting on September 6, the proposal to include the transgender community in the vacant 46th position in the OBC list was approved. After this decision, the way was cleared for eunuchs to get the benefits of backward class reservation in the state. Now they will be able to get the benefit of reservation in government jobs and enrollment in educational institutions in the state. 14 percent reservation is being given to OBCs in the state. They will also get a benefit pension of one thousand rupees per month. For this, medical certificate of being eunuch will also have to be given.

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