Jawan’s director has made four films so far and all four are blockbusters, Shah Rukh Khan doesn’t trust him

The excitement of the fans regarding Shahrukh Khan’s upcoming movie Jawan is on a different level. The violent style of the romance king is visible in the film, as well as his bald look is also increasing the curiosity. Whenever this film is mentioned. Since then till now one name is being heard again and again, this name is Attlee. Highlighting another name again and again in the film in which Shahrukh Khan is there shows that he is a special personality. This name is Atlee. Those who are not going to be seen in the jawan, but it is also true that without Atlee, the jawan cannot reach the screen.

Atlee is the director of Shah Rukh Khan’s film Jawan. Atlee’s real name is Arun Kumar, but he has become famous by the name of Atlee. Atlee has worked in the Tamil film industry till now. This is his first time to direct a Hindi film. Earlier he worked as an assistant director with S Shankar. Was assistant director in films like Ethiran, Nanban. He made his directorial debut in the year 2013 with the film Raja Rani. After this he made the film Theri with South’s superstar Talpati Vijay.

From 2013 to 2023, Atlee has directed a total of five films including Jawan and produced two films. Despite this, stars like Shahrukh Khan and Talpati Vijay are desperate to work with him. The reason for this is his work which collects many awards. Even though five films are registered in the name of Atlee as a director. But he has won ten awards for them. He received Tamil Nadu State Film Award 2013 for Best Dialogue Writer, Best Debut Director for his debut film Raja Rani. Vijay Awards for Best Director were also received. He has won the Seema Award for Best Director Tamil for Theri. He also received many awards for the film Marsal.

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