Israeli officer liked Indian sweets, seeing Laddu-Jalebi said – Mind Blowing!

There are many types of sweets in India. Not only we Indians are crazy about it, even foreigners cannot stop themselves from eating them. Recently, a picture is going viral on social media. It can be seen in this picture that Israel’s spokesperson is present near an Indian sweet shop. He is very fond of Indian sweets. While sharing a picture, he wrote – I have a great affection for Indian sweets. After seeing the picture of laddu and jalebi, his mind is tempted to eat. People are giving a lot of reaction on this picture. Many people are also sharing it.

see picture

Israeli spokesperson can be seen in the pictureGuy NirThere is a sweet shop nearby. Many types of sweets are being seen in this shop. After seeing these sweets, he has also shared a picture. He has written in the picture – Very nice. Indian sweets are very sweet. The heart becomes happy after eating them.

This picture going viral has got more than 4 lakh views, while many people’s likes are being seen on this picture. Comments of many people are being seen on this picture. One user has written while commenting – very lovely picture. Commenting on another user, you have done a good study about Indian sweets.

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