If your hair is falling too much, then start eating these 5 superfoods, you will be saved from baldness.

hair care tips : Nowadays old, children and young everyone is troubled by hair fall. If more than 100 hairs come out in every comb, then it means that your hair is not getting good nutrition. Or there have been hormonal changes in the body. The reason could also be that you have taken too much stress. There can be many reasons behind hair fall, some of which we have mentioned. If you want the health of hair to remain good and not to get tangles at an early age, then make some changes in your diet (hair care diet).

How to stop hair fall | How to stop hair fall

egg is best


If you want to keep your hair healthy, then you can eat egg or omelet made from it in the morning breakfast. Protein is found in plenty in it, which strengthens the hair. Start eating it regularly.

eat spinach


Hair is in dire need of our iron, which you can compensate by eating spinach greens. This will reduce the problem of hair fall. Apart from spinach, make other green vegetables a part of your diet.

vitamin C


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For hair growth, include foods containing vitamin C in your diet. It works to absorb iron. Include citrus fruits like lemon, orange, kiwi etc. in your diet. It makes both hair and skin shiny.

Walnuts give nutrition


Walnut is one such dry fruits which gives complete nutrition to the hair. It works to make the hair thick. Let us tell you that to keep the health of hair better, omega 3 fatty acid should be consumed. It is found in abundance in almonds and linseed seeds.

carrot juice is good


If you want to stop your hair fall, start drinking carrot juice. It is rich in nutrients. Apart from this, definitely eat raw salad. Apart from this, eat all those foods which are rich in Vitamin A.

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