If you apply this homemade toner, then the whole face will be clean in minutes, there will never be a need for expensive toners from the market.

Skincare: Different types of products are often used in skin care. Toner is also one such product which proves to be good for the face but very few people use it. Actually toner is applied after face wash. After washing the face, toner is put in cotton and rubbed on the face. With this, even after washing the face, the dirt that remains on the skin gets removed from the toner. Toners not only remove the dirt of the skin, but they also remove excess oil from the skin and the problem of open pores is removed.

How to make toner at home | How To Make Toner At Home

Toner is also bought from the market and toner can also be made at home. With the use of toner, dirt does not remain frozen in the pores of the skin and by cleaning the pores, it also reduces the excessively large pores. Toners are good for every skin type, but their best effect is best seen on acne prone skin and oily skin. Learn here how to make toner for the skin at home.

green tea toner

Green tea is rich in antioxidants and helps in locking moisture on the skin. Its use reduces access oil and free radicals that harm the skin are also eliminated. To make toner from green tea, take 2 green tea bags and boil them in a cup of water. After boiling, cool this water and filter it and fill it in any glass. After doing face wash, this green tea toner can be applied on the face by putting it on cotton or cotton pad.

neem toner

Neem Toner is full of medicinal properties. This toner can be used to get anti-bacterial properties. Boil 6 to 7 neem leaves to make toner. After about half an hour, turn off the flame and cool this water and put it in a bottle. Your neem toner is ready. It can be stored in the fridge.

rice toner

People with dry skin can make and use this toner. This toner has a particularly good effect in beautifying the face and removing spots. To make toner, soak a cup of rice in water for some time. Filter this water and fill it in a vial. This Rice Toner can be used daily on the face.


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