If both legs are not there, then running with hands registered his name in Guinness World Records, see video

Those who try never lose. There is no such work on this world which a human being cannot do. It is said that if you have courage then you can win any battle. For some people the path becomes easy while there are some people who have to face difficulties. Recently, a person has created history. The video of this person is going viral on social media. Actually, the name of this person is Zion Clarke. Since childhood, he does not have both legs, but today he has become an athlete by crossing all the obstacles.

Zion Clarke runs with both his hands. Recently, he has also made a world record. His video is going viral on social media.

watch video

It can be seen in the video that Zion Clarke is running with both his hands. He has become the fastest runner in the world. His name has been registered in Guinness World Records. A video of him has been shared on the social media platform Instagram, which is becoming quite viral.

Clarke is from America. These are called Caudal Regressive Syndrome. This is very dangerous. People have problems in this type of disease. The development of the body is not possible. Despite this, Clarke did not give up.

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