Himachal: Dead bodies of loved ones searching for 4 days in the debris of the mountain of ‘death’, a family lost three generations

These days Himachal Pradesh is facing the ravages of monsoon rains (Himachal Heavyrain). On August 14, the Himachal Landslides in Shimla’s Summer Hill area gave such wounds to many families, which would not heal for life. A total of 7 members of three generations of a family died in the landslide. The rest of the family members are now waiting for the dead bodies to be removed so that they can bid them a final farewell.

On August 14, the last Monday of the month of Sawan, a large number of people had reached the temple of Lord Shiva near Summer Hill to perform Jalabhishek. Businessman Pawan Sharma, who lives near the Shiva temple, had reached the temple for Havan with a total of seven people including his wife, son-booh and three granddaughters. It was the birthday of one of these granddaughters, so he came to the Shiva temple early in the morning to get the havan performed. The age of the girls is said to be 8, 4 and one and a half years. The family was worshiping when suddenly due to a landslide, the entire mountain came crashing down on top of the temple. All the seven people came under the debris of the temple.

Pawan Sharma’s 32-year-old son Aman Sharma, wife Archana Sharma, three granddaughters have died in the landslide. Their dead bodies have been recovered. Pawan Sharma and wife have not been traced till now. The search for the dead bodies continues. Rescue and search operation is going on since 4 days after the accident. Indian Army, SDRF and Police are engaged in rescue work here. Out of 21 missing people, 14 bodies have been recovered so far.

The people of the Sharma family are now sitting only with the desire to see their loved ones for the last time. Who would have thought that this happy family that went to worship in the Shiva temple would never return. Vinod, brother of Pawan Sharma, who died in the landslide, told NDTV, “My brother, three children, sister-in-law, five others including one of our daughters are gone. The rescue team is trying to find the bodies. At least I am their last.” I want to perform the last rites. I want to perform the last rites of my brother before I leave. The time has come for me to leave.”

The family sitting in their silent house seems broken by this huge loss. The younger sister of Pawan, who died in the accident, says, “I was not in Shimla at the time of the landslide. One of the family members called and informed about the incident. The road leading to Shimla was also blocked. I could reach here with great difficulty.” .”

Pawan’s elder sister also told NDTV, “We just want to find the body of my brother and others. Seven of my family members are gone. They were asking me to come here, but I am unable to because of some work.” Didn’t come. Maybe it was not written in my destiny to die yet. They all went to the temple, never came back again. I just want my brother’s dead body, so that we can bid him a final farewell. Our family is finished.”

Let us inform that a total of 19 people have died in three major landslides in three days in Shimla. Still 9-10 people are missing. Vehicles have also been damaged due to falling of trees in large numbers here. At present, 60 people have died due to the disaster in Himachal in three days. Relief and rescue work is going on.

This monsoon, rain-related incidents in Himachal Pradesh have claimed more than 60 lives. Chief Minister Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu said that the state has suffered a loss of Rs 10,000 crore due to rains and landslides. Meanwhile, more than 800 people were evacuated from low-lying areas in Kangra near Pong Dam on Wednesday. Because there was a danger of flood in the village due to the increase in the water level in the reservoir.

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