Hair hostess seen in flight wearing sneakers instead of heels, picture went viral, everyone is saying the same thing

When you imagine a flight attendant uniform, you always see women wearing high heels. However, late businessman Rakesh Jhunjhunwala-backed airline, Akasa Air did something different and is now garnering praise on the internet. In fact, a picture of an Akasa Air flight attendant wearing sneakers while on duty has surfaced online. The post was shared on LinkedIn and the noble initiative of the airline is being appreciated by the internet.

Viral post on LinkedIn Deeksha Mishra Shared by user named. The post had a picture of an Akasa Air flight and a picture of an air hostess wearing sneakers. The flight attendant was also seen wearing a casual orange top teamed with black flared pants. The attendant’s athletic-style uniform drew praise from many sections of the Internet.

Diksha Mishra captioned her post, “I recently flew with Akasa Air and was surprised but really happy to see a good change. Here is a picture that shows how comfortable the air hostess is in her new uniform . Totally comfortable and I am sure this should have happened to these people much earlier. Congratulations to Akasa Air for breaking the rules. Best wishes for your operations in the aviation industry.”

So far, the post has received over 29k responses and an array of responses from LinkedIn users. One user wrote, “What I love about this approach is that it doesn’t objectify women.” Another user commented, “Great initiative.”

Even Akasa Air noticed Diksha’s post and thanked her in the comments section.

The airline wrote, “Thank you very much, Diksha. Comfort is one of our core values. We believe that providing excellent service requires a high level of comfort. We look forward to welcoming you on board soon.” Looking forward to doing.”

Akasa Air is the most recently launched airline of India. The first look of the unconventional uniform was released in July last year. Read an excerpt from the press release by Akasaka Air, “Uniform Fit focuses on providing the best possible stretch to ensure crew comfort during their busy flight schedules. Crew members’ mobile lifestyles and long Designed to stand out, Vanilla Moon designed sneakers that are lightweight, and include extra cushioning from heel to toe. In line with Akasa Air’s approach to sustainability, the sole of the sneakers is crafted from recycled rubber and Manufactured without the use of any plastic.”

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