Gurugram: Couple and their 3 servants found unconscious at home, fear of robbery

A couple and their three servants were found unconscious in Gurugram’s Shivaji Nagar area on Friday afternoon. The police suspect that it is a case of robbery. The incident took place at the house of businessman and advocate Mahesh Raghav, who lives just 100 meters from the Gurugram Police Commissioner’s office. Police said that all five were taken to the hospital and their condition is stable.

As per preliminary investigation, it appears to be a case of robbery as the cook of the couple is missing. Police said that Raghav regained consciousness in the evening and raised doubts about the role of the cook. Valuables must have been looted as wardrobes were found open in the rooms while digital video recorders of CCTV cameras of the house were also missing.

Raghav told that the cook was hired through a placement agency run by Rajesh. The cook is a resident of Uttarakhand and was working in his house since March 3. All five fainted after eating the food prepared by him. We are trying to contact the operator of the placement agency.”

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