Guru Dutt Birth Anniversary: ​​Guru Dutt, who used to be determined, used to do it, got his own luxurious bungalow demolished on his birthday itself.

Guru Dutt Unknown Facts: If there is magic in cinema, then only he is… If there is charisma in cinema, then only he is there… Actually, he became such a ‘thirsty’, who All his life he wandered in search of peace. His life became such a ‘paper flower’, whose fragrance not only illuminates the world of cinema, but is still fragrant till today and will continue to be so till eternity.

If you are also in love with cinema, then surely you must have understood who is being mentioned. If you don’t understand, then let us tell you that the Azim-o-Shah person we are talking about is none other than Guru Dutt. Had landed on this earth on the day i.e. 9th July. Let us introduce you to some stories of his wandering life on the occasion of his birth anniversary..

This was the real name of Guru Dutt

The real name of this person who gained worldwide fame by the name of Guru Dutt was Vasant Kumar Shivshankar Padukone. Actually, the name of Guru Dutt, born in Padukone (now Karnataka) of British India, was changed after an accident. His father Shivshankar Rao Padukone was a headmaster and banker, while his mother Vasanthi was a teacher and writer. His parents used to live in Karwar, but he used to get transferred due to his job. Guru Dutt’s early childhood was spent in Bhawanipur, Kolkata, due to which he used to speak very good Bengali. It is said that he was very stubborn since childhood. Once he used to take a decision, he used to follow it only after completing it. Whatever thing you didn’t like, you left it in such a way that you never turned towards it. 

Step into the film world like this

Guru Dutt was fond of cinema and acting since childhood. This was the reason that in the beginning of 1942, he studied at Uday Shankar’s School of Dancing and Choreography in Almora, but he was fired after his name was linked to a female head of the company. After this, he worked as a telephone operator in a company in Calcutta (now Kolkata), but he did not like it here. After some time he left the job and went to his parents in Mumbai. During that time, his uncle got him engaged as an assistant director in Prabhat Film Company on a three-year contract, after which Guru Dutt’s journey in the world of films began. 

Ram earned from just eight films

You will be surprised to know that Guru Dutt, one of the veterans of the world of cinema, made only eight Hindi films in his career, but all of them achieved the title of cult cinema. Actually, Guru Dutt was a mine of qualities in himself. He himself used to fulfill the responsibility of actor, director, producer, choreographer and writer. This is the reason why he is counted among the great filmmakers of Indian cinema. Guru Dutt gave Bollywood classic films like Pyaasa, Saheb Biwi Aur Ghulam, Kaagaz Ke Phool, Chaudhvin Ka Chand. 

had demolished his own house

Even though Guru Dutt’s stars were always shining on the screen, but he was very worried about his personal life. Actually, in the year 1953, he married singer Geeta Dutt, but his married life was not very good. The views of Geeta and Guru Dutt did not match. However, some people said that Waheeda Rehman had entered Guru Dutt’s life, which had an impact on his married life. However, once Guru Dutt had taken such a step in order to improve the relationship with Geeta that everyone was surprised. It so happened that on the day of his birthday, he had demolished his own luxurious house situated in Pali Hill area. Actually, there was a tree in that house and Guru Dutt felt that some ghost lived on it, due to which there were problems in his married life. 

Death remains a mystery

In the year 1964, on October 10, at the age of just 39, Guru Dutt had said goodbye to this world. His body was found in a rented house on Peddar Road, Mumbai. His death is a mystery till date, because some people call it an accident and many call it suicide. The reasoning behind the suicide is that Guru Dutt had tried to take his own life twice before. However, experts say that he died due to excessive drinking and overdose of sleeping pills.

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