G20 conference: Delhi Police conducts flag march, posts set up at various places

New Delhi: To maintain law and order in the national capital for G20, Delhi Police has taken several steps like flag march, increased patrolling and spot checking. Officials gave this information on Wednesday. The G20 leaders’ conference will be held here on September 9 and 10.

A senior police officer told that the policemen are conducting flag marches in their district every day. He said, “Checkpoints are being made at various places and a sense of trust is being instilled in them by establishing contact with the local people. Arrangements have been made to keep the traffic smooth. Regular checking is being done in the areas around Yamuna Khadar. ,

Apart from the local police, personnel of paramilitary forces are also conducting flag march. Officials said that the security forces are very alert to avoid / prevent any untoward incident and the police have increased patrolling and additional posts have been set up at important places.

Although intensive checking is being done at the borders, but at the same time the police have warned of strict action against those who create law and order problems in the national capital.

Another senior police officer said, “Checking has been intensified in the border areas. Additional posts are being made on the borders. The help of drones is also being taken for surveillance. Regular communication / contact is being maintained with the members of Residents Welfare Association, Market Welfare Association and Amar Samitis.

He said that citizens are being sensitized and they have been asked to inform the police immediately if any suspicious activity is noticed. Earlier, the police had banned activities like paraglider, hang glider, hot air balloon from 29 August to 12 September due to security reasons.

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