Fighting with the police who arrived to settle the land dispute, the police station chief and two police personnel were injured

In Bihar’s Supaul, some people attacked the police which had arrived to settle a land dispute. In this, along with the police station chief, two police personnel and two people from one side were injured. All the people are getting treated at Sadar Hospital. According to the police, there is a dispute between the two sides over the land for the last few months.

According to the police, police station in-charge Nidhi Gupta and two policemen were injured in the attack. Along with this, two people from the other side were also injured in the fight. Police said that they had received information that in Ward 06 of Laukha, the police had received information that two parties were fighting over a land dispute, after which the police had reached the spot.

According to the police, one side attacked the Laukha OP police and started fighting. It is being told that a policeman was mercilessly beaten with a stick. At the same time, Laukha OP Police Station President Nidhi Gupta has also suffered minor injuries. Laukha OP Police Station President Nidhi Gupta told that the police had reached on the information of the land dispute. In the case, one side also had a fight with the police.

A person injured in this case told that he was having a dispute with some people over two bighas of land. Today, one side was plowing the field with a tractor, but when the other side came to know about it, it stopped the work. Meanwhile, when he called the police, the other side started fighting.

Laukha OP Police Station President Nidhi Gupta said that this matter is going on between the two sides for about two months. Both sides were asked to maintain status quo. Despite this, one side had given a complaint against the other side for not plowing.

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