Farewell to the old Parliament House, know what other leaders including PM Modi said?

The last work took place in the old Parliament House on Monday. The special session of Parliament, which began on Monday in this historic building, was adjourned after a day-long discussion. Work will start in the new Parliament House from Tuesday. The proceedings of Lok Sabha will start at 1:15 pm and the proceedings of Rajya Sabha will start at 2:15 pm. In the last proceedings held on Monday in the old Parliament House, PM Narendra Modi gave the last speech of 50 minutes. Let us know what which leader including PM Modi said for the old Parliament:-

PM Narendra Modi
PM said- ‘Farewell to this House is a very emotional moment, even when a family leaves the old house and goes to a new house, many memories shake it for a few moments. As we are leaving this House, our mind and brain are also filled with those emotions. Full of many memories. Celebration-excitement, sour-sweet moments, banter are associated with these memories.” During this, remembering the former Prime Ministers, he said – This is the House where the echo of Pandit Nehru’s Stroke of Midnight inspires all of us. This House also witnessed the liberation war movement of Bangladesh under the leadership of Indira Gandhi.

Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla
On the first day of the special session of Parliament, Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla, while addressing the House, said that from today onwards the proceedings of the Parliament will be conducted from the new building. Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla said, “Till now the House has received the leadership of 15 Prime Ministers. Who have decided the condition and direction of this country. This house has been a symbol of dialogue. In the last 75 years, decisions were taken collectively in the interest of the country.”

Leader of Opposition Mallikarjun Kharge
On the occasion of the last proceedings in the old Parliament building, Leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha Mallikarjun Kharge took a dig at the Modi government and said, “If you want to change, then change the condition of the country, what is the point of changing the name like this.” Kharge said, “We have seen and learned a lot in these 75 years. I have spent 52 years here. This building is a witness to all the major decisions of independent India. The Constituent Assembly sat in this building for 165 days. Made the Constitution which came into force on 26 January 1950.”

Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha Adhir Ranjan Chaudhary
How many memories we have in the Parliament are innumerable, because of the House, they are settled in our hearts, we have seen so many close people pass away, we remember everyone again and again, we even get emotional, but what to do, life keeps going on like this, it doesn’t stop. Not going to. Therefore, we should move ahead also. Our relationship with this house is like that of body and soul. We get the opportunity to come here due to the kindness and prayers of the people. I consider myself fortunate that I have reached here. I am grateful to those people. want to express my gratitude

Asaduddin Owaisi
AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi said, “This Parliament is not a building, it is the heart of the country, which feels the plight of the poor people.” Owaisi said, “I will present before you 15 examples when Parliament presented evidence of its failure. One when Sikhs were being murdered on the streets of Delhi. One when the martyrdom of Babri Masjid took place on 6 December. ” Owaisi said, “This is the heart of India. Today, the love and trust for this Parliament among the poor, the oppressed, the Muslims, the people of Kashmir, the Dalits and the tribals is ending and decreasing. That is why people are coming out on the streets and protesting. Because they feel that this Parliament is not our heart.”

Navneet Rana(Independent MP from Amravati)
Navneet Rana, independent MP from Amravati, said, “I have a lot of memories for the first time when I became a Member of Parliament. It’s been four and a half years. I never thought I would come here. People will get a chance to serve. I am from a military family, so help.” I have the feeling of nationalism towards the country since childhood. I belong to a normal family. Today my identity is with the MP from Amravati. We had only heard about it, but have seen the Prime Minister working. He works in the interest of the country.”

Union Minister Darshana Jardosh
Union Minister Darshana Jardosh said, “I am a photographer’s daughter. I have a lot of memories. There are new memories too. This is the place where I keep coming through gate number four. I have seen a lot of incidents here. Since “I have been eager to go there since I saw the grandeur of the new Parliament.”

BJP MP from Bihar Ramkripal Yadav
BJP MP from Bihar Ramkripal Yadav said, “We will go to the new building for a new card, new energy, new thinking, new kind of power and capability. India will become stronger in the coming days. It will become a developed India, where The countrymen will have a new kind of experience. We will always remember the old building. We have learned a lot from this old building. There are many memories which will remain with us.”

BJP MP Locket Chatterjee
BJP MP Locket Chatterjee said, “There are a lot of memories. We are witnesses of history. We spent 4 years here. We are going to the new Parliament with new resolutions.”

Chirag Paswan
LJP’s Chirag Paswan said, “It is definitely an emotional moment for me. My father Ram Vilas Paswan ji brought me here holding my hand. He taught me a lot. I have 9 years of experience. Through my leader and my father I have seen the functioning of the Parliament. There is a lot of enthusiasm to go to the new building. The Prime Minister said that we are among those glorious people who became the link to history and future.”

BJP MP Rama Devi
Rama Devi, BJP MP from Bihar’s Sheohar Lok Sabha constituency, said, “The memories of the old Parliament House, how many people came to represent in the Lok Sabha. How to keep moving forward. Keep improving. Gradually improve. It happened. People have left their mark. The statement that Modi ji has given today makes one feel as if a father is explaining to his son or by becoming a son, he is expressing his presence among the people.”

BJP MP Manoj Tiwari
Manoj Tiwari said, “Today we will enter the new Parliament. Our ID card has been duly made, but the memories of the old Parliament can never be forgotten. I always see the seat from where 370 was passed. Where the Prime Minister Narendra Modi had sat and patted the bench. Memories of many such decisions will remain. We are going to a big Parliament building. We will go there with new expectations.”

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