Daughter’s low marks in the exam, instead of scolding, the mother wrote such a note by signing the copy, people started praising

Inspirational Note In Test Copy: After the exam, everyone is afraid of only one thing, what will the parents do if the numbers are not good. Not only this, getting the parents’ signatures on the answer sheet after the exam is the most difficult task for every student. Especially when the marks are less. In such a situation, there are many types of pressure on the students, such as whether the teacher will not scold, apart from the scolding of the parents, often the parents start comparing with the other children when they get more marks. In such a situation, recently a picture of a test copy is becoming fiercely viral on social media, from which every parent is taking inspiration.

This post was shared on the social media platform X by an account named @zaibannn, in which two pictures are visible. Sharing the post, it is written in the caption, ‘Found an old notebook of class 6th, seeing which I remembered how mother used to write positive messages on every low score test copy, despite getting low marks in maths during school days. ‘

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It can be seen in the first picture that the student got 0 out of 15 marks in Maths, on which the student’s mother has written a message while signing the notebook, it takes courage to bring such a result. At the same time, the second picture is also similar. If seen, instead of scolding the children when the parents get less marks, then the children will not be disappointed and will make continuous efforts to move forward.

Users are giving different reactions on this post. One user wrote, ‘We used to sign it ourselves so that we don’t get scolded.’ Another user wrote, ‘That’s why mother is the best guide, teacher, friend and philosopher.’ More than 89 thousand people have seen this post so far, while more than 1 thousand people have liked the post.

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