Chimpanzee asked for help to drink water, people were in tears after seeing what happened

Heart Touching Video Of Chimpanzee: Social media is full of videos of animals. Sometimes people laugh at their funny antics, sometimes they get scared of their dangerous style, but currently a video of a chimpanzee going viral on Instagram is making people emotional. This video has been shot by wild life French photographer JC Pieri in Cameroon, Africa, seeing which you will surely lose your heart.

watch video here

The caption of this video posted on Instagram from Jcpieri account is, ‘This is an unreal scene’. Really hard to believe after watching the video. Wildlife photographer JC Pieri has also appealed to watch the video till the end. In the video, a chimpanzee is sitting near a water pit and calls out to JC Pieri passing by. On going near a person, the chimpanzee drinks water by taking out water from the pit with the help of both their hands. After drinking water two to three times, it is hard to believe what happens. Chimpanzee starts cleaning JC Pieri’s hands with the help of water. He picks up water several times and pours it on both his hands.

So far this video has got more than 6.5 lakh likes and more than 7 thousand people have commented. Most of the commenters have said that humans should learn from animals. One user said, ‘You give him your hand to drink water and he cleans your hands for your good. We should learn something from this beautiful creature. Another user said, ‘While humans only bite the hands of those who feed him.’ Another user said, “Nowadays animals have more humanity than humans.”

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