“Child Welfare Is Not For Profit”: Norwegian Embassy On Rani Mukerji’s Film

Rani Mukerji’s ‘Mrs Chatterjee vs Norway’ is a film centered on an Indian couple fighting the Norwegian government for the custody of their children. There was a sharp reaction from Norway on this film. The Norwegian Ambassador to India today called the film a “work of fiction” and said it contained factual inaccuracies. Mrs Chatterjee vs Norway is based on the story of an Indian immigrant couple whose family is affected by an incident in 2011. Their two children were then taken into their care by the Norwegian foster system due to cultural differences.

The Norwegian Embassy said in its statement, “Children will never be removed from their families on the basis of cultural differences stated. Eating with their hands or children sleeping in bed with their parents is not harmful to children.” It is not unusual in Norway, despite this cultural background.” The embassy stressed that, “Some simple facts should be corrected.”

“The reason children are placed in alternative care is because they are victims of neglect, violence or other forms of abuse,” the embassy said. Norwegian Ambassador Hans Jacob Freudenlund stressed that Norway is a democratic, multicultural society.

In a statement shared on Twitter, he said, “In Norway we value and respect different family systems and cultural practices, even if they differ from our own.” Violence in any form is not acceptable at all.”

Child Welfare of Norway said in a statement that their work was “not motivated by profit”. Child Welfare denied the alleged claim made in the film that, “The more children put into the foster system, the more money they make.” She said that, “Alternative care is a matter of responsibility and it is not a money-making organization.”

Norway’s envoy said children are placed in alternative care when they face neglect or are “victims of violence or other forms of abuse”.

While taking away the children of Sagarika Chatterjee (on whom the film Mrs. Chatterjee vs Norway is made), the Norwegian government alleged that she had fed her children with her own hands. The couple was also accused of beating their children, not giving them enough space to play, and giving them “inappropriate” clothes and toys.

After a diplomatic spat between the two countries, the Norwegian authorities handed over the custody of the children to their uncle, who helped bring them back to India. After the marriage broke up, Sagarika had to approach the court for custody.

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