Chhattisgarh: HC seeks response from National Highway and Corporation in case of stray animals on roads

Bilaspur: The High Court has considered the issue of stray cattle on the roads of the state as a serious issue. According to the High Court, he himself visited the streets of the city and found the situation bad. The High Court has sought answers from the National Highway, Corporation and others in the matter. The High Court asked what has been done so far on this issue and what is the further suggestion. Present its full details in the court. With this instruction, the High Court has fixed the final hearing on the coming Thursday. Earlier, in a similar case, the High Court had ordered that the state government should ensure that stray cattle seen on the roads are kept only in well-managed gaushalas and nowhere else.

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In view of road safety, Sanjay Rajak and Rajesh Chikara have filed a petition in the High Court against other points including road accidents due to non-removal of stray animals roaming on the National Highway. On the petition, the High Court had issued notices to the Urban Administration and Development Department as well as the Panchayat and Rural Department of the state, seeking information about the stray animals removed from the road in the last one year.

Along with this, the action taken on the cattle owners, the number of urban Gauthans, the number of Kanji houses, the number of cow catchers, the number of employees employed, the number of dairies in the municipal limits, the expenses incurred in one Kanji house and Gothan in a year. , Information was sought on the number of cattle wearing radium strips.

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After the notice of the High Court, the Urban Administration and Development Department had sought information from the urban bodies, it was also said that there is a problem in traffic due to cattle. After this, the officials also seized cattle to show the monthly figures. Although all this went on for a few days and the matter remained as it was.

In 2011, a Public Interest Litigation was filed by Ex Defense Officers Welfare Association and others regarding sewage, cattle on roads and other issues in Bilaspur city. In this matter, the High Court had sought an answer from the state government. After this, the Municipal Corporation started a campaign to catch stray cattle and shift them to Gokul Nagar, but it proved to be insufficient. Even today stray cattle can be seen wandering on almost every road.

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Usually such cattle are also victims of road accidents at night. It has become common to see stray cattle on roads, streets and public places across the state. Farmers and dairy operators leave their cattle on the roads. The Municipal Corporation takes action against it, but it is proving to be insufficient.

Regarding this, Rajkumar Mishra, who lives in Chirmiri, had also filed a public interest litigation in the High Court. In this, he had demanded to direct proper action by drawing attention to the problems being faced by the common people and the cattle which are always visible on the roads and public places. It was said in the petition that generally the situation is more or less the same in every city.

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The High Court also agreed with the fact that while going from Bilaspur to Raipur by road, innumerable stray cattle are seen on the roads. Even dead cattle are seen on the road during almost every yatra, it is very unfortunate.


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