Boys were seen swimming by making the house a swimming pool, users gave strange reactions after watching VIDEO

In childhood, you must have thought of making your bathroom a swimming pool or swimming in it, if you have not done so, then you must have dreamed of doing so. A video has surfaced on social media, which will remind you of that dream of your childhood. In the video, some youths are seen swimming and having fun by making the house a swimming pool. It is not clear whether this water is of flood or the youths themselves filled the water in the house, but seeing the video, it is clear that these youths are in full mood of fun. This viral video is being seen and liked a lot on social media.

watch video here

Childhood fun seen in the video

In a video shared on Instagram, some boys are seen swimming inside a house. The room is full of water. A boy in a white T-shirt swims from one side of the room to the other. Behind this, another young man in black T-shirt also comes swimming behind him. At the same time, a young man is seen sitting on the threshold of the room drowning in water. All the three boys are enjoying the swimming pool made in the house.

Users remembered childhood

More than 3 lakh likes have come on the video. Seeing this video, users on social media are remembering their childhood. Commenting on this, a user wrote, ‘As a child, it was my dream to make my house a swimming pool and swim in it, but this could not happen.’ At the same time, another user wrote, ‘What is happening in the flood.’ At the same time, another user wrote, ‘It looks like a lot of fun.’

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