Bollywood remake of Malayalam’s highest grossing film, shot in 12 weeks but got copyright notice

A film that was not made in one but different languages. The interesting thing is that the film got equal love in every language. Not one but many coincidences are associated with this film. The funniest coincidence is related to the dates which started from the making of the film and continued in the film as well. After that something touched the lips of the audience that that date is mentioned even today. The film not only became a huge hit in Hindi but also became the highest grossing film of the Malayalam industry at that time. Do you know which movie this is? If we can’t recognize, we tell.

dates made special

This film is Ajay Devgan, Tabu and Shreya Saran’s film Drishyam. Whose suspense has continued from the first film to the second part. This film was made in both Malayalam and Hindi with the same name. The film was also remade in Tamil. The film is equally interesting and engaging in every language. Especially the dates have a special connection with the Hindi version. The jumla of October 2 and 3 of the film is already on people’s lips. Another special connection of dates is related to this film. Before this film, Ajay Devgan had given his dates to the film Shivaay. But due to some reasons the shooting of Shivaay had to be postponed. Due to which Ajay Devgan had only 12 weeks time. He gave those dates to Drishyam. And in the same time, the makers also completed the shooting of the film.

Ekta Kapoor gave notice

The film got a good response at the Hindi box office and the Malayalam version also made huge money. Despite this, the film had to face a copyright notice as well. According to IMDb Trivia, the plot of the film also matches with a Japanese novel named ‘The Devotion of Suspect X’. Whose Indian rights have been bought by Ekta Kapoor. Therefore, after the release of the movie Drishyam, he also sent a copyright notice to its Malayalam version.

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