Bike Stunt: Man jumps like a monkey on a moving bike, shows dangerous stunts

Boy Perform Dangerous Stunt On Bike: Such people are often seen on social media, who sometimes blow people’s senses with their strange, sometimes strange stunts. Recently, one such stunt video is coming out, in which a man is seen doing more than one dangerous stunt on a moving bike. Seeing this video the ground will slip under your feet

watch video here

In this breath-taking video, a man is seen performing stunts on a moving bike. The person on the moving bike is showing such moves, which you would hardly have seen before. In the video, the person sometimes gets off the bike and sometimes while running with the bike is performing stunts. Meanwhile, the person is doing amazing stunts even by climbing on the seat of the bike. Meanwhile, the balance that the person made on the bike is really worth watching.

This video has been shared on the social media platform Twitter with an account named sachinkushwaha917077, which is being seen and liked a lot. In the caption itself, the person was advised to act in the film Dhoom. This video has been shared on January 22 in the year 2023, which has been liked by more than 5 lakh 70 thousand people so far. After watching the video, users are giving different reactions. One user wrote, ‘This is cheap John Abraham.’

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