Asked in the exam – what would you have done if you were a social reformer? Class 5 child gave such an answer, you can’t even imagine

If you are looking for something funny and lighthearted, then please stop your search as we have the perfect post for you. A picture of a small boy answering a question about social evils in the pre-independence era is going viral on Twitter. Class 5 boy’s answer has won hearts on the internet and you must check it out.

The post was shared by Maheshwar Perry, Founder & CEO, Pathfinder Publishing India Pvt Ltd. He shared an excerpt from his son’s Class 5 exam paper, in which he was asked a question about social evils in the pre-independence era. The question reads, “If you were a social reformer of the pre-independence era, which one social evil prevalent at that time would you like to eradicate to prevent India from becoming backward? Explain why.” ?”

To which the boy replied, “I would have preferred to introduce the Widows Remarriage Act. If a woman becomes a widow, she can either commit sati or wear a white saree, with her hair tied out Can’t go. If these widows could remarry, their lives would be much better and happier.”

Even the teacher considered it a “very good answer”.

Maheshwar Peri captioned the post, “My son has answered a question in class 5 exam paper.”

The post obviously grabbed a lot of attention for good reason and Twitter users lauded the little boy’s kindness and noble thought. One user wrote, “This boy is very kind and his heart is full of care…You should be proud.” Another user commented, “You guys have brought it up well. Well done.”

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