Anantnag Encounter: Major Ashish Dhonchak was to come home for the housewarming ceremony, but the family will find his body wrapped in the tricolor.

Major Ashish Dhonchak, resident of Panipat, was martyred in an encounter with terrorists in Anantnag Encounter of Jammu and Kashmir. Major Ashish was going to take leave next month for the housewarming ceremony and birthday party of his new house. The family had also made preparations. But, due to the martyrdom of Major Ashish, a mountain of sorrow has fallen on the family. The Dhonchak family is now waiting for the mortal remains of Major Ashish to arrive.

Major Ashish Dhonchak managed to fulfill every dream that every middle class Indian sees on an average. He had built a three-storey house in Panipat, Haryana. The family was soon going to move out of the rented apartment and shift to their new house. Griha Pravesh Puja was organized on 23rd October and the same day was also the birthday of Major Ashish Dhonchak. In such a situation, there was a double happiness for the family. But, now Major Ashish Dhonchak will never get a chance to live in a new house. The family will receive his body at home.

Major Dhonchak, a respected officer of 19 Rashtriya Rifles, was among the two army officers and a police officer who were martyred in the encounter with terrorists and security forces in Anantnag.

The construction of Major Dhonchak’s house in Sector 7, Panipat was recently completed. Last month, a day before Independence Day, he was awarded the prestigious Sena Medal. He had told his friends and family that he would come home on October 13. On October 23, we will throw a grand party to celebrate the joy of getting the medal, birthday and housewarming.

An excited Major Dhonchak had told his wife, two and a half year old daughter, parents and his three sisters that they would all live together in the new house after October 23. But now his mortal remains will reach Panipat on Friday morning. The mortal remains of the Major will be kept at home for the last darshan of relatives, friends and acquaintances. Major Dhonchak will be given a final farewell on Friday afternoon itself. His last rites will be performed in his native village, about 15 km from Panipat.

Meanwhile, NDTV spoke to Major Dhonchak’s wife’s brother Suresh. Suresh told that Major’s father’s health was not well for some days. He was hospitalized for six days. His sister had asked him to come home. However, Major Ashish could not come. He had told the family that he was busy in operations in Jammu and Kashmir. He had talked about taking leave in October and coming home.

Suresh said, “I can’t face my sister. I don’t have the courage to face her. After getting the Sena Medal, I spoke to Ashish and he told me that there are less enemies in the country now.” Suresh further says, “Major Ashish had also talked to his sister on Tuesday. The new house is ready and they had not shifted because Ashish had said that he wanted to buy some things for the house himself. On October 23 The housewarming was planned on his birthday.”

He said, “The Major told his sister that he had to go for a search operation and he would call after two-four hours. But the call did not come. Someone from the Major’s unit called us on Wednesday afternoon. Told over the phone. “We learned that Major Ashish had been badly injured in the firing. We thought he would recover. At night we came to know from media reports that he had been martyred.”

Suresh said, “This is how our soldiers are coming again and again wrapped in the tricolor. They were martyred for India. The entire country is standing with our soldiers.”

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“Whenever I came on leave, I used to go to the village first…”, Major Ashish Dhonchak’s last rites will be performed in his native village.

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