Anand Mahindra will gift an electric SUV car to Grandmaster Praggnanand’s parents, said – we deserve our gratitude…

Industrialist Anand Mahindra has always shown his support for creative people. Now, he has shared on X (Twitter) that he will gift an electric car to the parents of young Indian Grandmaster R Praggnanandhaa. Many on Twitter urged Mahindra to gift a Thar to Praggnanandhaa for being the runner-up in the FIDE Chess World Cup.

Responding to a tweet, he wrote, “Appreciate your sentiment, Krishle, and many like you are urging me to gift @rpragchess a Thar. But I have another idea. I am a mother- Would encourage fathers to introduce themselves, attract children to chess and support them in pursuing this cerebral game (despite the rise in popularity of video games!) It is just as important for a better future for our planet as EV! And so, I think we should gift an XUV4OO EV to @rpragchess’s parents, Mrs. Nagalakshmi, and Mr. Rameshbabu, for nurturing their son’s passion and giving him their tireless support deserves our gratitude.”

Mahindra also tagged Rajesh Jejurikar, Executive Director and CEO of Mahindra & Mahindra and asked him to share his thoughts on the same. Responding to Mahindra, Jejurikar wrote, “Congratulations @rpragchess on your stupendous achievement. Thank you @anandmahindra for the idea of ​​recognizing Mrs Nagalakshmi and Mr Rameshbabu, parents of @rpragchess. The all electric SUV XUV400 would be perfect , our team will connect for a special edition and delivery.”

Since being posted, the tweet has been viewed 1.3 million times on Twitter. Commenting on the post, a user wrote, “Look at her happiness.. very priceless.”

Another user wrote, “Your thoughtful approach is really inspiring. While many are suggesting to gift a Thar to @rpragchess, your alternative idea to promote chess by supporting parents with XUV4OO EV noteworthy. Encouraging children to engage in brain-based activities like chess is truly an investment in the future, akin to adopting electric vehicles for a better planet. To foster her son’s passion and dedication, Mrs. It is a heartwarming gesture to honor Nagalakshmi and Shri Rameshbabu. In this way, you are not only supporting a sport, but also fostering values ​​and support systems that contribute to a brighter future. Your creative and thoughtful approach Congratulations!”

A third user wrote, “What a brilliant idea sir! It is really commendable to promote chess and support parents who pursue the passion of their kids. The sentiment is completely out of the spirit of investing in a bright future.” matches.”

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