Air Force One, Beast vehicle and a convoy of 50 vehicles…. Joe Biden will reach Delhi to join G-20 in this way

Delhi is ready to host the G20 summit. All the important and historical buildings of Delhi are lit up with colorful lights for the G20 summit. From the airport to Qutub Minar, Pragati Maidan, Bharat Mandapam, the beauty of all the areas of Delhi is being seen. Beautiful fountains, pots and trees have been installed on all the important roads of Delhi. The process of arrival of guests has started. America’s President Joe Biden is also among these special guests. He is reaching Delhi tomorrow.

Features of Airforce One and backup plane
The special thing is that this is Biden’s first visit to India after becoming the President. In this tour, apart from attending the G20 conference, he will also hold bilateral talks with PM Modi. It is believed that the growing cooperation between India and America will be further expanded in this dialogue. Along with this, some important deals can also be sealed. Biden will reach Delhi by Air Force One aircraft. Along with Air Force One, there will also be a second aircraft backup plane, which can be used in case of emergency. The backup plane is kept at a secret place. Special Airforce One in itself is also known as Mini Pentagon, in which all the security equipments are installed. Air Force One aircraft is capable of avoiding all kinds of attacks.

what is special about beast
After landing in Delhi, the US President will travel in his Beast vehicle and will be accompanied by a security cordon of about 50 vehicles. It is believed about the Beast vehicle that it has the ability to thwart even a nuclear attack. Chemical, nuclear attacks are also ineffective on this. The car has 8 inch thick doors, panic button, separate oxygen supply, President’s matching blood in the car, satellite phone, which is connected to the Pentagon all the time. The tires of the Beast get special steel rims. Its tires don’t get punctured. There is special foam in the fuel tank. The US President’s convoy will have 50 security vehicles, America’s Intelligence and Security Service Federal Bureau of Investigation i.e. FBI as well as Foreign Intelligence Service Central Intelligence Agency i.e. CIA commandos will be deployed in security.

Arrangements by ITC Maurya Sheraton
It is believed that Biden will stay at ITC Maurya Sheraton during his Delhi entry. Biden’s suite is on the 14th floor of the hotel. The suite is spread over 4,600 square feet. The rent of this suite is Rs 8-10 lakh per day. Special equipment has been deployed along with the dog squad. Secret Service commandos will be stationed on every floor. 400 hotel rooms have been booked for Biden’s team. Along with this, a new special lift has also been installed for the movement of Biden in the hotel.

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