After putting the garland, the groom’s friends did such an act, seeing the bride was also surprised, people said – there was a lack of practice

Don’t know how many wedding videos go viral on social media. Some videos win your heart, but some are so funny that people cannot control their laughter. Especially many funny videos of bride and groom are filled on the internet. We have brought one such video for you in today’s post. After watching this video, your stomach will also ache while laughing. This video has been shared from a YouTube channel named Hindi Countdown.

Although there are many small funny clips in this video, but the video we are talking about starts at 18.44 minutes. In the video, you can see that the bride and groom are on the stage and the varmala ceremony is going on. It is often seen during Varmala that the friends of the bride and groom lift them in their arms. But in this video you can see that the groom’s friends lifted him in their lap when the bride was wearing garland. Seeing this act of friends, even the groom stops laughing.

This video has been shared a lot on social media through different mediums. People’s reactions are also coming fiercely on the video. Commenting on the video, a user has written, ‘Brother, practice would have done it’. So on the other hand, another has written, ‘Friends were given a task, they could not do it either’. How do you like this video? Do tell us by commenting.

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