A woman stuck in traffic did something in the car that people avoid doing even at home.

Bengaluru is known for its traffic, where it takes a lot of time for people to travel even short distances. Everyone is aware of the traffic in Bengaluru. Many funny stories during traffic are often heard on social media. Recently, a similar case has surfaced on the internet, which is in discussion these days. Actually, recently in Bengaluru (Bengaluru traffic), a woman stuck in traffic did something that surprised everyone. Women, know what is there in this viral post.

According to a report by Greenpeace India, the average travel time for car users in Bengaluru to cover a standard travel distance of 10 kilometers is usually considered to be a minimum of one hour. Recently, a woman from Bengaluru told how she made good use of her time while stuck in traffic. In this viral post on social media platform X, a picture is seen, in which a woman stuck in traffic was seen peeling vegetables to save time.

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This post has been shared on X with an account named @malllige. In the post, a user named Priya said that she had tried to make productive use of peeling vegetables while stuck in traffic in the city. In this post, a photo has been shared of peeled vegetables kept on the front seat of a car while stuck in a traffic jam.

Users are giving different types of reactions on this viral post. One user wrote, ‘Sending this to my boss.’ Another user wrote, ‘This is quite productive.’ The third user wrote, ‘Hey…you have set a new standard of productivity.’ A fourth user wrote, ‘There is a lot to learn, gain and grow while traveling in Bengaluru during peak hours.’

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