Lata Mangeshkar: Why did Lata Mangeshkar sing songs by taking off her slippers? Knowing the reason will increase respect for sister

Lata Mangeshkar Special: Be it the style of singing a song or the manners of respecting music, in both cases no one has been equal to Lata Mangeshkar and will never be. Everyone is still convinced of the simplicity of Lata Didi, who mesmerized people not only in India but all over the world with her songs. But do you know that Lata Mangeshkar used to do special work before singing any song? If not, then today we are giving you information about this…

Lata Di used to do this work before singing

Let us tell you that Lata Mangeshkar sang thousands of songs in his career. Even though she has said goodbye to this world, but even today her voice is alive in the heart of every one of her fans. You would be surprised to know that whenever Lata Mangeshkar used to sing a song, she used to take off her slippers before that. 

Belonged to music since childhood

< p>Please tell that Lata Mangeshkar had worked with all the great musicians and singers of Bollywood. Born in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, Lata didi got the atmosphere of music from home. His father Deenanath Mangeshkar was a classical singer and theater artist. Lata was the eldest of her five siblings. The important thing is that all his siblings also belong to the world of music. 

People’s eyes used to be on slippers

Now We take you towards the story for which this news has been prepared. Actually, whenever Lata Mangeshkar used to record a song or perform a stage show, she did not wear slippers. In such a situation, people used to keep an eye on her slippers, because after the recording, Lata didi silently wore slippers and used to go out.

Anu Malik had told this story p>

The anecdote related to Lata Didi and Chappal was narrated by Anu Malik during an interview. He told that whenever I saw Lata Didi singing, I saw her singing without wearing slippers. Actually, Lata didi used to consider studio or stage as her temple. In such a situation, she did not consider it good to go there wearing slippers. This is the reason why he never sang wearing slippers.

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