Lag Ja Gale 17th April 2023 Written Episode Update: Ishani’s grah pravesh happens

Lag Ja Gale 17th April 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Lakshmi telling that until Ishani’s grah pravesh is done, they will sit on this door step. Meena asks them to leave, and says this is not dharamshala, but our house. She says she don’t want any tamasha. Lakshmi says the drama will start now. They clap surrounding Meena. Yash asks them not to do drama and says they will do as she say. Lakshmi says you think this as drama, and says I will curse you all. Ishani says no Lakshmi Maa, and tells that they are her family. Kiran tells her not to curse them, and asks Ishani to come inside. Lakshmi asks her to do all the rituals of grah pravesh. Kiran asks Meena to do the grah pravesh rasam. Meena does Ishani’s tilak and aarti, and keeps kalash on the door step. Lakshmi takes off bad sight from Ishani. Ishani kicks the kalash and gets inside. Lakshmi and other kinnars take off bad sight from Ishani. The staff comes and keeps the colored water thaal and the white cloth. Ishani steps on the colored water and keeps her foot on the white cloth, leaving her impression on it. Shiv is about to go. Lakshmi stops him and blesses them as the couple. He says you are lucky to get such a life partner. She asks Kiran to take care of her lakshmi. They leave. Shiv tells Ishani that though she came in the house, but she will not be Ishani Dhoopar. He goes. Kiran says so much time is wasted due to this drama and asks everyone to come. Everyone goes, leaving Ishani. Ishani comes to the inhouse temple and says I did what I shall do, to come to my husband’s home. She says Shiv doesn’t know who wants to ruin him and his family, and asks Goddess to give her strength to expose the culprits and to make Shiv realize how much she loves him. She fills her maang with sindoor and prays that she will keep her Shiv safe. Meena comes there and tells that she will throw her out from the house. Ishani says she will get Shiv applied sindoor to her forehead in one week, else she is not Ishani Shiv Dhoopar. Meena says don’t think yourself as Dhoopar and says Shiv hates you and married you to ruin you. Ishani says I see true love in his hatred. Meena asks her to start the reverse countdown, and says you are bride, but rented bride.

Sulochana thinks Pooja or Rachna should have married Shiv. Pooja comes there and asks if Ishani called? Sulochana says why she will call me? Pooja says today is Ishani’s pag phera. Sulochana laughs and says Shiv will not come here, and tells that she is waiting for Shiv to divorce her. Pooja says she is sure nothing will happen. Sulochana says divorce will happen and goes. Pooja calls Ishani and her phone is off.

Yash is exercising. Tina says when Aniket Bhai was alive, we couldn’t meet him. Yash says Ishani has kept everyone’s mouth closed. He sees Pooja’s call and picks it, saying Ishani is fine. He talks to her rudely and says he don’t know what will happen. Pooja says I can understand your anger, and asks him to give a chance to Ishani. Yash says I shall not talk to you, after knowing what Ishani has done. Pooja says ok, but if you regarded me as your friend someday then keep me informed about Ishani.

Bhupen calls Sumeet and asks him what to do, I am handling your expenses, and asks shall I name all my wealth on your name. Meena comes there and tells that Ishani came with her greed. Bhupen says I will keep her on my foot. Meena says don’t take her lightly and says that aflatoon Ishani loves sherdill nephew very much and that’s why came here, and asks him to shaken up her courage. Bhupen says she can’t win the game of money and power. Meena asks him to send her from here.

Ishani comes to the hall. Shashi doesn’t talk to her and gets angry on the staff. Tina and Dimple also ignores her. Ishani sits on the floor. Randeep asks Dimple to give her clothes to Ishani, and says she was outside all night. Dimpy reminds him what she has done. He asks her to show some humanity. Dimpy says I don’t have humanity, and will do what Shiv said. Randeep goes and brings clothes for Ishani, asking her to change. Meena asks what is he doing? Kiran tells Randeep that he shall not do anything against Shiv’s wish. Shashi says today is Aniket’s mourning meet. Ishani asks Randeep not to do anything for her. Kiran says this girl is inauspicious, then also Shiv brought her here. She thinks once this puja happens, then she will handle Ishani.

Precap: Shiv sees Ishani in his room and asks her to go out. They fall on the bed together. Meena sees them and thinks she will not let Ishani come near him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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