Lag Ja Gale 14th April 2023 Written Episode Update: Ishani to marry Sumeet

Lag Ja Gale 14th April 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shiv coming to the room where he has kept Aniket and his memories. He says I don’t have right to keep your memories, I couldn’t get the guy punished who snatched you from me, because of Ishani. Yash asks Shiv if he is inside. Shiv pours kerosene oil on Aniket and his stuff and burns the room. Randeep and Yash ask him to open the door. Randeep asks him to show some maturity and not to be emotional. They see the fire in the room. Randeep asks for the room keys. Yash says only Bhai has it. Randeep and Yash break the door and get inside. They rescue Shiv who is sitting in the fire. Yash and Randeep take him out and asks if you are fine. Shiv says Ishani, I will not leave you.

Bhupen tells Sumeet that they have won the lost game in minutes. He asks Sumeet why he got upset and asks him to make arrangements of happiness. Sumeet says if Ishani exposes me infront of Shiv then think what will happen and asks him to find permanent solution for this. Bhupen says I have thought about the aflatoon treatment for Ishani and asks did you have sherwani. Meena gives money to Sulochana and says everything shall be bought in this, else take more money from me and says I am rich. Ishani comes there. Sulochana says your marriage is fixed and tells her that groom’s family gave the dowry. Ishani is shocked. Sumeet says once I marry you, I will take out all your attitude. He is about to touch her, but she brushes off his hand. Jagdish and Pooja come there. Sulochana tells them that Ishani’s marriage is fixed and tells that it is Ishani’s choice. Jagdish asks if you want to marry Sumeet. Ishani thinks of Bhupen’s blackmail and nods her head. Sulochana asks Sumeet to take out mahurat. Sumeet says today will be good. Sulochana says she will bring sweets. Pooja thinks why Ishani has agreed. Meena asks Sumeet to meet his inlaws. Bhupen goes to Ishani and asks her to sacrifice for Shiv. Ishani asks him to think what she will do with the persons troubling Shiv.

Meena and Bhupen come home. Meena asks what is our advantage in this? Bhupen says once Ishani marries Sumeet, he will keep her under his feet and she can’t tell anything to Shiv. He says Ishani is beautiful, Sumeet is lucky. He says then we will kill Ishani. Meena gets happy. He asks her to go and find out what Shiv is going to do.

Shiv asks yash to think what Ishani has done. Yash says I never thought that Ishani can betray us. Randeep says we know what ishani said and says even now I feel that Ishani is innocent and says I think why she lied. Meena says someone must have bought her with money. She acts to be concerned for Shiv and says I can’t see Nanand ji’s condition. She asks Shiv to handle her and says we will handle everything. She says we shall stay away from that thief. Shiv says nobody shall take that girl’s name.

Neeti tells that the decoration is old. Sulochana says but it is looking new. Pooja and jagdish ask Ishani why she is ruining her life. Ishani says nothing will happen and asks her to call Shiv, and tell him that she is marrying Sumeet. Jagdish asks what you are saying? Ishani says she is mad in Shiv’s love. Pooja says what will happen if I tell Shiv. Ishani says Shiv will either stop my marriage or will kill me. Pooja says why he will come there? Ishani says Shiv loves me. Pooja says if Shiv kills you. Ishani says then do my last rites in bridal clothes. She asks her to tell him about her marriage.

Pooja calls yash. Yash says I don’t want to talk to you and says Ishani has done what she wanted to. Pooja says I want to tell you that Ishani is marrying Sumeet today. Shiv asks what happened? Yash says Ishani is marrying Sumeet today. Shiv asks what? He says first she ruined my life and now marrying Sumeet who killed my Aniket. He says she has done this intentionally and says Shiv Dhooper will not let her happy with her boyfriend. Yash asks where you are going? Shiv says to teach a lesson to Ishani. Ishani tells Bappa that she trusts Shiv and Bappa. Kiran and others come to stop Shiv. Shiv pushes Yash. Kiran gives her swear to Shiv and asks him not to go there. Shiv says no emotional blackmail will work today, I will ruin her life. Bhupen says today Shiv will do something. Meena says if Shiv stops the marriage and then he will know our plans.

Sumeet’s goon keep the bridal clothes on the table. He says you will look beautiful in this clothes. He says lets go to temple, Pandit ji must be waiting. Pooja says don’t force my Ishu and asks him to leave. Sumeet says when husband and wife are ready, then what is your problem? He says your other daughter will come with us, to make my wife get ready. Jagdish asks him to leave his daughter’s hand. Jagdish says I know you have threatened her, else she will not spit on you. Sumeet threatens him and asks goons to aim gun at him. Ishani asks Sumeet to move gun from her baba’s head. She says I am coming with you. Sulochana says today I will do your kanyadaan as your mother and will fulfilled my duty. Sumeet asks goons to take these four people. Ishani prays to Bappa and thinks I trust my Shiv, he will come searching me.

Precap: Shiv comes to Ishani’s house and calls her. Rachna tells him that Ishani went to marry Sumeet, and asks for money to tell about her. She then ask him to talk to Sumeet. Shiv tells Sumeet that he can’t hide from him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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