Kundali Bhagya 23rd May 2023 Written Episode Update: Rajveer advises Palki to end the marriage

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Preeta says he is just like calling anyone as Badi maa, she informs that only Shristhi is his mother while she is like her mother, Preeta asks him to come since they have to get ready.

Ketan’s mother asks Mahi to entertain them till Pandit jee arrives as they belong to the entertainment industry, Daljeet agrees that both of her daughters are very talented, she says she had seen Mahi dancing on the song everybody can dance, Mahi teases her on her language skills, she exclaims that Mahi would be so beautiful as her mother is beautiful. Mr Khurana notices that Palki is tensed and searching for someone, he asks her if she is waiting for someone when Palki says Rajveer but then asks him if he took his name, she mentions she was just looking here and there.

Mahi starts dancing on the song, while Ketan and Palki are sitting in front of her, they all start rejoicing on her song meanwhile Palki is just staring at Rajveer who is standing with Preeta. Gurpreet wonders what are her eyes seeing as Palki was till now very emotional but are seeing Rajveer she has started smiling. Daljeet also starts dancing when Mahi takes Palki with ketan to the dance floor and even Preeta along with Gurpreet join them, Rajveer however is just standing in the corner looking at them all, Mahi pulls Palki to the front with her, so they both start dancing together before the song finally ends. Daljeet hugs them both meanwhile the Pandit jee greets them, Daljeet asks them all to sit down as the time for the engagement is about to start, she bring the Thali informing the Pandit jee that all the preparations have been made. Pandit jee applies the tika to both Ketan and Palki, Ketan’s mother takes out the engagement ring, requesting Palki to raise her hand, she however turning back looks at her family while Daljeet asks her to turn back as Ketan will make her wear the ring and complete the engagement. Palki looking at Rajveer recalls the incident in the jewelry store where he accidentally made her wear the ring. Ketan however manages to make her wear the ring, Rajveer is only able to control his emotions with a lot of struggles.

Daljeet then asks Palki to take the ring, she picks it up while slowly turning to ketan. Pandit jee also instructs Palki to make the groom wear the ring, they both slowly raise their hands and fulfill the engagement. Rajveer not being able to control himself turns to look in the other direction. Meanwhile everyone else is greeting and congratulating both Palki and Ketan. Preeta also walks to Palki whom she hugs, she even praises the ring. Daljeet asks them to bring the sweets as they must celebrate this moment. Palki notices how Rajveer is walking away when Mahi rushes to force him to eat the sweets, he takes a piece however turning back keeps staring at Palki who is also looking at him. Rajveer walks away.

Rajveer comes out after getting ready when Gurpreet praises him for being ready very quickly however explains even they all would get ready since Mohit takes a very long time in getting ready. Rajveer wonders why is he getting this strange feeling and hurting, he tries to refute it but is not able to let go of the feeling. Rajveer takes out the video of the dance in the engagement, he is just looking at the photo of Palki meanwhile Mohit comes out mentioning his mother does not let him get ready, Mohit asks Rajveer but he keeps staring at the photo of Palki. Mohit demands the truth but Rajveer denies that there is anything, Mohit mentions he tends to refuse there is anything of the sort but this time must speak only the truth, Rajveer accepts that he has feeling for Palki, Mohit gets very excited however Rajveer requests him to make sure that no one should find about his feelings anytime in the foreseeable future, Gurpreet comes asking what is going on between them both, Mohit says he was just saying she does not let him get ready with peace. Gurpreet exclaims she is saying they all must leave. Rajveer also leaves appreciating Mohit.

Simmi is glad seeing the dresses that everyone is wearing, Mr Khurana is really worried about preparations, and he sees Rajveer so asks him to take care of the DJ, and the caterers. Mohit pulls Rajveer with him but Rajveer tries to find ways which he can use to get away from Mohit. Rajveer finally sees Gurpreet so asks her to instruct Mohit to do some work, she orders him to take care of the guests. Mohit wonders where did Rajveer go.

Rajveer while walking sees Palki in the room, so he comes to fix the lights, Palki notices him so gets nervous meanwhile Rajveer is also just looking at her, he keeps thinking of the time when he forced the store manager to apologize to her. Rajveer signals Palki to correct something on her forehead, she is not able to find it when he asks if he can do it himself to which she agrees, so he fixes the Bindi on her forehead. Rajveer compliments that he has not seen a more beautiful bride then her. Rajveer informs his aunt was looking very pretty today so Gurpreet aunti applied her Kajal, so she does not get affected by anyone’s evil eye. Rajveer also applies the kajal behind the ear of Palki, she asks if she is actually looking that beautiful. Rajveer says he is sad that he would not be able to see in the future, Palki gets emotional when Rajveer asks the reason, she says that Ketan would not allow them both to talk. Rajveer asks why is she feeling tensed when she has not done anything wrong, Palki informs she is feeling as if everything is going to end after today, so she is scared. Rajveer asks her to not go ahead with the marriage hearing this Palki is shocked. Simmi coming to the room questions what is going on here, Rajveer and palki both step away from each other and even wipe off the tears. Daljeet follows her into the room asking palki if she has gotten ready, she instructs Simmi to go and give the Pandit jee Thali for the pooja.

Gurpreet standing there notices Rajveer meanwhile Daljeet says she will help her wearing the dupatta, she asks Rajveer to go and check the lights. Daljeet and Gurpreet both start helping Palki wear the dupatta, meanwhile Rajveer is just staring at Palki even when he is fixing the lamp. Palki is also nervous so even she is not able to take her eyes of him, they both keep staring each other.

Precap: Preeta assures Rajveer will get what he desires but this does not mean that he must leave love behind, she further explains that if they fall in love then he would not be able to get it back. She explains how she feels that Palki is made for him, Rajveer however refuses that he loves her hearing this Preeta is shocked.

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