Kundali Bhagya 17th April 2023 Written Episode Update: Rajveer manages to get the job at Mehra industries

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Nidhi is shocked to see Preeta at the signal, Rou questions what did Nidhi say, she immediately gets out of her car and starts looking at the women who is helping the laddo, Rou calls Nidhi from behind but she does not listen. Nidhi is not able to see properly due to a cart which has stopped her path but when the cart finally leaves she does not see anyone there, she tries looking for her but then notices the same girl standing at the flower shop, she hits the girl on her shoulder but is relieved to know that the girl is not Preeta. She is glad.

Preeta asks the women if she is fine, the auto driver comes questioning where did she go as he had to make a complete turn.

Rou is standing when Nidhi comes to sit in the car, Rou asks what was all this as Nidhi felt if she had seen a ghost and she went to catch it, Nidhi exclaims she is also glad because if it had been the truth then the devil inside her would have woken up, she exclaims how can it be possible when she has died all those years ago, but if she has been feeling it then there is nothing wrong.

Rajveer enters the cabin when the panel is waiting for him, they refer to him as Ashok after checking his files when Rajveer explains his name is indeed not Ashok, Mr Thakur, he asks how does Rjaveer know him, he replies who does not know Mr Thakur when he is a really nice businessman and when he joined the company he said that he is the best choice for this company an he has made very good decisions for this company except just one, the other panelist ask what is the decision which she does not know about, Rajveer explains Mr Thakur is planning to sell the company to Juneja and company, they both are shocked when Mr Thakur questions how does he know about it. Rajveer reveals he has come here after doing his MBA for a better business opportunity, and just as Mr Thakur in his interview said he is the best choice then today he is also saying he is the best choice because he has studied all the aspects of this company and knows the positions which it is lacking in, he requests them to trust his decision just for once because he feels this company ahs immense potential and he desires to take this company to a position which is even greater than the Luthra empire. Mr Thakur asks Rajveer to come and join this company from Monday, they all wish him when Rajveer starts walking away thinking that the downfall of the Luthra’s has started.

Sanju questions how can Shaurya talk like this because he is his friend and has always supported him, Shaurya replies there is no need for Sanju to talk like this, Sanju once again says that he has always stood by Shaurya who agrees that he is his friend, Sanju hugs Shaurya who apologies when Sanju says there is no sorry and thankyou in friendship. Shaurya wonders when will they get out from this place.

Rajveer walks out of the company and thinks that now the time to ruin the Luthra’s has started as they have also caused a lot of pain to his mother so now would have to pay the same price for their actions. Mohit coming from behind congratulates Rajveer on getting the job, he is shocked and asks if Mohit did not go for his own interview, Mohit says Rajveer is not so important that he would leave his own interview for him, he says he should have also taken the blessings from Karan Luthra. Rajveer getting furious replies he did not get this job due to karan Luthra, Mohit says he knows that Rajveer got it due to his own talent, he explains they should go and tell the news to his aunt. Rajveer gets excited explaining he also wants to see the smile on her face, Mohit says he will ride but Rajveer informs he knows how Mohit rides the bike.

Rakhi is constantly walking in the room when Mahesh requests her to calm down but she gets furious questioning why is he talking like this, Karan also entering the room asks what is going on because he can hear everything outside, Mahesh still tries to calm her down but Rakhi gets even more frustrated. Karan in shock asks what has happened. Rakhi replies he knows she went to meet Shaurya at the police station but the Inspector said that Shaurya does not want to meet her, she says she is the mother of Karan and Rishab Luthra and even the wife of Mahesh Luthra. Mahesh explains his mother wants that he should file the complaint against the police, Rakhi questions why should they not do it when the police are able to stand against them then they would behave very rudely with normal people. Rakhi mentions the police do not know how to behave with them and must be taught a lesson. Karan once again requests Rakhi mom to calm down assuring he would do something, Rakhi asks Mahesh to see what her son can do. Karan calls Nidhi asking if she was able to do anything, she says she is still outside the office of the lawyer. Rakhi getting excited questions who did karan call and when he says he called Nidhi, she gets even more irritated so exclaims they both should not even think of calling anyone, she says she will herself go and think of a plan but then stops exclaiming this is her own room. Rakhi angrily questions if Karan does not have any business meeting or calm so he should go and conclude them. She even pushes Mahesh even when he is exclaiming this is also his room but Rakhi pushes him out of the room.

Mahi is practicing in her house, Daljit comes questioning why does she not participate in the big events as she will surely win it and bring a crown. Mahi asks why does she not let her practice. Mahi while practicing stumbles and is about to fall however Palki catches her, Mr Khurana questions which was the movie that had this scene, Daljit explains that she was doing the catwalk and stumbled so fell, Mr Khurana asks why do they need to teach her once again, Palki gives him a glass of water. Daljit explains that she should go and bring some sugar from Gurpreet’s house as it ended in their house, Mr Khurana says that she would not go as she is already tired, Daljit asks if he does not remember that they has never disturbed palki when she was studying, palki assures she would go and bring it.

Preeta opens the door when Gurpreet is standing there, Gurpreet asks if Shaurya is fine, she is shocked but then exclaims that Rajveer is not in the house so they can talk, Gurpreet exclaims that Rajveer gets really frustrated after even hearing about Shaurya, Preeta replies she felt really bad for him as he cannot be red now since the case has gone into the court, Preeta explains that she feels even Shaurya is a really nice boy. Gurpreet goes to open the door after there is someone at the door, Gurpreet is glad to see Palki who mentions she just needed some sugar. Gurpreet exclaims she should go and get it.

Rajveer and Mohit also come back home, when Mohit exclaims that his brother has achieved it, Gurpreet asks if it really happened when Rajveer explained he got the job and has to join from Monday. Preeta says she told him he would bring back after getting the job Preeta hugs Rajveer, Gurpreet also congratulates him and asks Mohit what happened about him, Mohit desires to hug Rajveer but then walks aside, so Rajveer is about to hug Palki but he stops apologizing for what has happened however she says it was not his fault. Mohit questions Rajveer what is he doing as they have to give the sweets, Rajveer explains he said he will bring a full box of sweets so he makes Preeta eat them while even giving them to Gurpreet and then Palki. Mohit says it all happened because of his bike since it is very lucky, Gurpreet instructs Palki to take the sweets home and give them to everyone, Gurpreet asks Mohit when is he going to bring the sweets, Mohit leaves after handing her the sweets in his hand.

Preeta is glad thinking Rajveer got the job and is going to start his career, she wonders what would happen to Shaurya. Rajveer thinks it all has happened due to her blessings and now because of it he is going to take revenge from Karan Luthra and even teach Shaurya a lesson.

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