Kundali Bhagya 14th April 2023 Written Episode Update: Karan is worried thinking about Rajveer

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Karan mentions he can forgive anyone but not the person who has humiliated him, Mahesh asks Karan to let it go as he is just a simple boy, karan replies this is why they are mistaken as he has seen a weird anger in his eyes and also witnessed something very strange in him because he was talking about Shaurya but his words were just against him, Karan explains he does not know if he is able to explain it but he feels that the boy is against him, because even he thought for a moment that the boy is against him and he has something against him, karan explains he also thought that Rajveer is teasing Shaurya to get at him. Mahesh mentions since when Karan started to think like this, informing it is only because Nidhi has told everyone that anything wrong which happens to Shaurya is because of Karan since he is The Karan Luthra. Mahesh mentions he is not saying that Shaurya is innocent but that he should get punishment for his crimes. However, it is their obligation to stand by his side and in the meantime, Karan must forget about Rajveer. However, Karan thinks that he has seen there is something in the eyes of that boy.

Rou opens the door when Nidhi is standing there, she entering the house explains she sometimes feels she should run away from that house but just stays there because of karan however he does not have any time for her, Rou informs that Nidhi should have a drink here, she hands Nidhi a glass so she drinks it in a moment, Rou advises her to drink it secretly in the house, Nidhi replies she cannot do it because even when everyone thinks she is really good but they always have an eye on her so she has to maintain her perfect image. Nidhi desires to go on a holiday but would go once Shaurya is released and Rou mentions she feels for Nidhi as she would not be able to sleep at nights, Nidhi replies she is actually not able to sleep at night which is why she has booked a room in the hotel and goes there to sleep for an entire day, Rou gets worried when Nidhi explains Shaurya is that kind of puppy for her who listens to her orders and even she wants to feel good so tends to feed her sometimes. Nidhi sitting explains she has to get Shaurya released from the jail, Rou asks how would she be able to do it when karan himself failed to do anything, Nidhi says the problem with Karan is his ethics however she knows how to make the mot of any situation so would surely get him freed because then she will once again become the savior of the Luthra family.

Karan is sleeping in the room while he is constantly dreaming about his time spent with Preeta and how they both were really close with each other, they both really loved and enjoyed their time as a couple. Karan calls Preeta who wakes up in her bed thinking as if someone has called her, she gets really worried. Karan also wakes up in his room only to realize it was just a dream, both Karan and Preeta open the windows of their rooms and are staring outside, Preeta standing is really confused about what she is feeling.

Karan looking at the time thinks he got late for his office, so exclaims that he got late while dreaming about Preeta. Preeta also thinks that he got late because of her and then would get really tense.

Karan exclaims he felt nice while thinking about her in this good mood but when he remembers her in a moment of tension then gets angry with himself so prays that he only remembers her when he is in a good mode.

Rajveer while waking up accidentally drops the glass causing the water to fall on the mat, Rajveer goes to hang it on the balcony when he starts looking for Palki. Mohit questions if he is looking for Palki but Rajveer informs him he was looking at the bike since it is his favorite, Mohit replies that it belongs to him, yet Rajveer can take it today. Mohit mentions he just has one condition so informs that the room of Rajveer was his exercise room before he came but he does not have any place to exercise, Rajveer mentions that Mohit can indeed exercise in his room.
Rajveer is still looking for Palki who comes out of her house and then starts checking the first aid box at the scooter, she notices Rajveer staring at her so waves to him. Rajveer also waves back but suddenly stops noticing Mr Khurana staring at him, he asks Rajveer how was his interview when Rajveer replies that it got cancelled yesterday so is scheduled for today. Palki wishes him the best of luck and then advises him to not get nervous. Rajveer is still staring at her seeing which she feels weird, so Rajveer hides behind the balcony. Mohit asks what is he doing when Rajveer suddenly informs, he was doing dead pushups, Mohit replies he just did one push up but Rajveer replies he has already done nine before Mohit came, he leaves explaining he would be late for his interview.

Mahi is getting ready when Daljit coming explains she has not seen a more beautiful girl then her, Mahi herself exclaims that she has not seen someone like her, Daljit says she would apply the black tika but Mahi stops her explaining she does not want to remain middle class. Mahi leaves informing she has gotten very late. Daljit exclaims that even she is beautiful.

Mohit is slowly bringing the tea for Gurpreet who asks him to learn how he should pour the tea, Rajveer comes and then prays in the Mandir, Gurpreet requests Rajveer to teach something to Mohit. Preeta explains that he would surely teach everything but not his anger. Rajveer says she is still angry with him, he explains he knows she is not angry as she can not furious with him for very long. Preeta mentions then this is what he takes advantage off. Rajveer asks her to pray that he get the interview after which he would bring a box of sweets for her. Preeta quickly applies the tika explaining her blessings would always be with him. Mohit throws the key of the bike which Rajveer catches, Gurpreet scolds Mohit questioning what would have happened if it had hit his eye, Mohit says that she should look at his reflexes as it seems he is an international cricket player, Rajveer starts thinking of when Shristhi informed that he is the son of Karan Luthra who was a famous cricket player and is now a business tycoon. Rajveer angrily leaves after informing that he does not like cricket at all, Gurpreet wonders why was he furious. Preeta agrees explaining he has been like this ever since they got in the accident or rather, she would say he has been behaving strange since the festival of Janmashtami, they would find out the reason only when Rajveer himself informs them and she is praying that he reveals the truth very quickly.

Rajveer goes to sit on the bike when mahi stops him by calling him handsome, she asks if he felt bad that she called him handsome because it might have been rude if she had just called him by any other name. She asks where is he going, then she also insists on going with him. Rajveer questions where does she want to go, she points to the market, so Rajveer agrees, Mahi gets really close to Rajveer and even places her hand on his shoulder due to which he gets irritated, Rajveer then puts his bag between them both seeing which Mahi praises him and smiles.

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