Kohinoor: The world famous Kohinoor will be displayed in the Tower of London today, know how it reached the British from India

The Koh-i-noor Diamond: The Kohinoor diamond, famous all over the world, will be displayed in the exhibition starting today (May 26) at the Tower of London, UK. There the Kohinoor will be shown as a ‘symbol of victory’ in the exhibition. Manager Sophie Lemagne gave this information.

Sophie Lemagnan said that Kohinoor is a precious diamond, which has a long history. It has passed through the hands of many celebrities. Please tell that by installing Kohinoor in the crown of the British King and Queen, their glory was increased. The British King still wears that crown on special occasions.

The British had taken it to Britain before independence
The Kohinoor diamond belongs to India, which was taken to Britain in 1947 before independence. Several attempts have been made so far to return Kohinoor to India, but the British government did not hand it over to India. The British had captured many wonderful artifacts from India including Kohinoor and took them to their country Britain. 

Britain has more than 80 thousand Indian items
Now many rare and priceless items of India are kept in the museums there. The number of these items is in thousands. According to a report, there are more than 80 thousand heritage of India in British Museums. Many of those priceless artifacts, the British government earns up to 3 thousand crore rupees annually. The campaign to bring these things back to India may start once again.

Now there will be a campaign to bring it back to India
Telegraph reports that India will launch a campaign to bring back the colonial era artifacts along with the Kohinoor diamond, other idols. In fact, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. So far under the Modi government, several Indian artefacts, ranging from Ashtadhatu idols, sculptures, clocks and antiques, have been brought back to India from countries including the UK and Australia, among others.

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