Kissan GPT: Speak the problem and you will get the answer instantly, it is no less than a boon for the farmers, know how to use it

What Is Kissan GPT: After the advent of Chat GPT, a lot of research is being done on Artificial Intelligence. Many companies have launched their AI tools by looking at Chat GPT. Some time ago, a tool named Geeta GPT came to the fore, in which people get answers to questions based on the Bhagavad Gita. Now another such chatbot has come up named Kissan GPT which will help in doubling the salary/income of the farmers. 

Introducing Kissan (Farmer’s) GPT. A ChatGPT and Whisper based assistant for underserved agriculture domain of India. Work-in-progress. Expect bugs.
(It uses ChatGPT-3.5-turbo and expecting results to improve after GPT-4 and adding custom embeddings.)

— Pratik Desai (@chheplo) March 14, 2023

What is Kisan GPT?

Kisan GPT is an artificial intelligence based chatbot based on Chat GPT 3.5. With this chatbot, farmers can get solution of any problem related to farming by speaking. Chat GPT was launched on 15 March by Prateek Desai. To access this chatbot, you have to go to This website is very simple. As soon as you go to the website, you get 14 languages, out of which you have to choose one language and then you can tell your problem to the chatbot by speaking in that language. Hearing the problem, the chatbot will give you the solution in seconds. 

Updates on Kissan GPT
– On track to serve 10% volume of Farmer Call Centers (KCC, 21 locations)
– Collaboration coming up with GoI and Agriculture institutes to improve results
– OpenAI got our back 💪
– Updated UI (a little)
– Apps are coming
– Two more languages ​​coming soon…

— Pratik Desai (@chheplo) March 31, 2023

Note, there may be bug problem in Kisan GPT as it is still being worked upon. Sometimes it can also give you wrong answers or incomplete answers. Pratik Desai told that GPT-4 will be integrated with it to further improve this chatbot.  

Apart from farmers, these people can also use

Kisan GPT is not only designed for farmers but any school child, researchers or anyone else can use it. In an updated tweet on March 31, Pratik Desai told that soon Kisan GPT will be linked with Government and Agriculture Institution. Along with this, an app is also being prepared so that people can access it through the app. 

When we personally asked the farmer GPT that the potatoes sown in our field have rotted, what should we do, then read what this chatbot said in response. 

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