Kerala Politics: ‘Some people have doctorate degree in corruption’, says Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan

Kerala News: Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan on Thursday (May 25) said that there are some people in government service who have ‘‘doctorates’’ in corruption. And this problem can be solved by collective efforts. Vijayan said the Left Democratic Front (LDF) government believes that as far as corrupt activities are concerned, there will be no compromise and those involved will not be spared.

The Chief Minister recently arrested a ‘Regional Assistant’ at Palakkad village in Palakkad district of the state for allegedly taking bribe. Was referring to the arrest of Cash worth over Rs 1 crore and bank deposit documents were allegedly recovered during the search from the officer’s rented accommodation.

Difficult to catch corrupt in big departments

Vijayan said that the officer concerned was allegedly using the bribe money to meet his needs and his salary remained the same. The Chief Minister also said that in big offices and departments it can be difficult to know whether someone is involved in corrupt practices or not. However, in smaller offices, such as the recent incident, it was hard to believe that everyone was oblivious to what was happening there. 

People should stop this practices

The CM said, “In such incidents, other people out there should intervene and stop such practices. Most of the people in the government sector are honest. But there are some who have obtained doctorates in corruption.” 

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