Kerala Crime: 19-year-old girl kidnaps ex-boyfriend by calling goons, leaves him naked on the road, arrested

Kerala Crime News: In Kerala, a 19-year-old girl first kidnapped her ex-boyfriend by giving betel nut to the goons and then got him beaten up. In this case, the police has arrested the accused girl. The case pertains to Enarkulam area of ​​the state. Taking further action.

According to India Today, the police have also arrested 7 members of the betel nut gang on this matter. Police say that first the boy was abducted, then he was thrashed and left naked on the road. The name of the accused boy Lakshmipriya and the name of the victim boy is being told as Shivram.

Lakshmipriya wanted to get rid of Shivram

Police say that Lakshmipriya had a relationship with a boy named Shivram. Meanwhile, later she came close to another boy from Ernakulam. After this Lakshmipriya wanted to get rid of Shivram, but Shivram did not want to leave her and was not ready to back down. Lakshmipriya then seeks the help of her new lover to get rid of Shivaram.

Lakshmpriya’s new boyfriend gives her a betel nut

According to the police, after this Lakshmipriya’s new boyfriend contacted a gang of goons and traced Shivram through WhatsApp. After making a complete plan, Lakshmipriya along with her new lover and goons reached the house of former lover Shivram and kidnapped him and imprisoned him in a house.

During this, he was beaten as well as forced to drink alcohol and ganja. When he was not satisfied even with this much, he took off his clothes and beat him naked. Laxmipriya recorded the entire incident on her mobile and threatened to make the video viral if she did not stop following him.

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