Katha Ankahee 26th May 2023 Written Episode Update: Katha praises Viaan for his efforts.

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Viaan reads poem to Katha on how to follow a road that was beautiful. He wants to tell her that our journey, whether the destination is good or bad, the journey itself brings beautiful experiences, like in Katha’s case, he met Nina, a source of pure happiness and joy. He thanks her for it, Katha asks him to drop her near a station. Viaan offers to drop her home, she refuses, they have an important meeting to attend tomorrow, Viaan should take care of himself will parenting. Ehsan wakes up asking where they have reached, Katha gets off, says goodbye.

Viaan comes back to his mother, tells her about Keith and Amrita’s baby girl he went to babysit. He wants to ask something from his mother, what was he like as a child. Teeji thinks and tells that he was used to crying for food, outside ventures used to make him happy, was about to tell something else but hesitates. He insists she tell. Teeji tells that his father used to out him to sleep. He asks for another memory of him with her only, where she was there for him, tired and sleepy. Viaan was everything for Teeji. Viaan asks her to sleep.

Neerja suspected that Katha had something in her mind when she came in, never thought it would be like this. Katha never saw Viaan like this, happy and sweet, regardless of his past he created a beautiful bond with a baby. If a person opens a door to their mind, leaves the past and allows new experiences to come in, than a lot can happen. Viaan has achieved that.

Viaan takes out his family album, sees pictures of his mother pregnant with him. He goes to her room, stands by her bed. Years passed since she experienced what learnt today, days where he used to cry while she tried to make her sleep. He can not make her relive that moment but hopes for her to go through those memories and relive the magical moment he touched today. He puts the album beside her bed.

Katha tells Neerja tha fathers become restless because children test their patience, they cant shout at them cause they are senseless, they make fathers feel helpless. There are only a few fathers who have the art to patient, Viaan has it. She recalls how he treated the child. He went to help Amrita after an entire day in the office, yet he was worried for the baby. The man was lost in baby’s care that he became emotional knowing about the colic pain, after she told him how to treat the pain, he burped the child himself ad got extremely happy after the baby got comfortable. Viaan naturally has all the qualities he is finding in a child. Katha apologies for speaking a lot. Neerja loves it, questions Katha for going silent, it not a sin to praise someone. She asks Katha to speak. Katha asks if Neerja has a daughter, could have married her to Viaan. They both laugh.

Next morning, Teeji wakes up to find the album by her side. Viaan sees her, Teeji hugs the photos.

Aarav meets his friends; he was going to karate class. His friends are going for cricket practice, another friend isn’t going anywhere because he has tuition. Aarav’s friends tells that a parent number 7 have complaint in group about not assigning student with enough homework. His father number 5 gave that number 7 a good lesson. The other friend’s parents will talk to him. Aarav remains silent because he doesn’t have a father.

Teeji comes down to Viaan making breakfast. Teeji thanks him for taking her back in memory lane where they were each other’s world. Viaan hugs Teeji saying that he will never leave her.
Batman rides the bike, complains to Robin about it not maintaining balance. Robin yawns, he didn’t sleep well last night. Batman questions. Robin’s stress and tiredness goes away after meeting Batman. Robin will have to fix the alignment, it’s nothing to worry about. Batman asks why one handle is there only when there are two paddles and wheels. Robin lectures him about teamwork, the teamwork balance the bikes. Batman taunts him for talking deeply like his mother. Robin says that teamwork is necessary in life, one partner shows the right path while the other applies force to execute, the effort is equal, he exemplifies by moving the handle with one than both hands. Batman asks Robin to use the same example for his friends’ parents.

Aarav comes to Katha asking her to make the chocolate delights, Katha remembers but doesn’t have time for it. Aarav insists, she needs to make extra for Robin as well. Aarav tells that Robin spent the entire day with him, didn’t play squash as well. He didn’t want to miss the chance to meet him though his eyes were red due to lack of sleep. Robin has promised to meet Aarav daily, he never breaks his promise.

PRECAP: Viaan tells Katha that he needs to babysit Nina. Katha offers to help if needed. Mr. Garewal questions Kavita for talking to Viaan. Aarav makes Viaan his parent teacher group, he would have two people to represent him like other students. Aarav tells Katha about it. Katha cries because Viaan is doing everything to remind her about it despite her struggles to ignore him.

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