Katha Ankahee 14th April 2023 Written Episode Update: Viaan refuses to move on.

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Katha requests Viaan to forget everything or it will effect both their families and work, they should move on. She knows there is no button switch on and off love but time will heal everything. She asks Viaan to take care of himself. Katha leaves. Viaan takes a deep breath.

Ehsan laughs at Viaan for being impatient, he warned about her rejecting him. He taunts Viaan with a piece of poetry, he is here to help Viaan. Ehsan tries to cheer him up, tells that Katha is headstrong and firm, it’s better for Viaan to move on. Ehsan knows that first love blinds a man, he keeps floating in imaginary world. Ehsan know that no matter the intensity, t fades away with time. Viaan refuse, he feels free after a long time, he is able to laugh openly. Ehsan agrees, the man who couldn’t talk to anyone is blushing today. Ehsan asks Viaan when he realized his love for Katha. Viaan recalls his memories with Katha from first day in office till now. Ehsan questions him for being lost. Viaan tells that he never realized, felt something different from the first time he met her, slowly the feeling got stronger. Ehsan will not lie; he is a little jealous. He asks for how long will he wait. Viaan thinks that if God wants it to be, it will be otherwise not. He doesn’t know about God’s plan but he will wait, knows it isn’t easy. Ehsan tells that it wouldn’t be easy, asks what if Katha doesn’t say yes. Viaan is not in control of Katha’s reply what he can do on his behalf is to make her feel comfortable, fulfil her wishes and do what best. Ehsan questions him for lying about not being in love because Viaan knows everything.

Next morning, Aarav comes to Viaan. Robin tells Batman that he failed in his mission. Robin questions, Batman told that he told his friend and she rejected him. Batman wonders why, how can someone reject Robin with that perfect body, muscles and chest. It came to a shock for Robin as well. Batman wants to talk to Robin;s friend, he will tell him the strength and good facts about Robin. Robin tells that his friend is very headstrong, her refuse must have a good reason. Batman consoles him, says it’s the woman’s felt, Robin will find anyone. Robin asks if he should forget his first love. Batman will have to give an example, Virat may have many girls before Anushka, he found his true love and after that his career sky rocketed. Robin wants no one else but her, cannot imagine his life without her. Batman questions, what if it takes a very long time. Robin tells that love require patients, the woman won her attention, respect and then love. He will patiently wait for her while accepting the rejection. Batman asks if he like her that much, Robin tells that he like her more than he can tell. Batman asks about the wound on Robin’s finger. Robin jokes, tells that fought Godzilla. Batman calcifies, he isn’t a kid.

Arav isn’t eating. Katha questions him, ask why his battery is down today. Aarav is worried about Robin; he fell in love with somone. Katha laughs asking if Aarav is worried that Robin’s attention towards Batman will divert. Aarav tells that the woman is a single mother and she rejected him. Katha tells that its isn’t easy for the woman. Aarav asks why, they will be very happy. Katha clarifies that like Aarav wouldn’t like anyone taking his father’s place similarly the woman would be worried about her son rejecting Robin. Aarav questions, emphasis on Viaan’s love, care and handsome looks, he offered to find him another girl but Robin only wants that person. Katha reminds how Aditya used to find his and Katha’s faces in cloud, is Robin can find the woman’s face in clouds they will surely get together. Katha checks the time, leaves for office. Aarav immediately texts Viaan saying that his mother told that matches are made in heaven. Viaan smiles as he reads the text.

In office, Viaan goes to Katha’s cabin. Viaan tells her that this office is incomplete without her, the people here really need her. He was stuck with something, didn’t plan about had to tell her. He still doesn’t know who he got the courage to confess everything in front God yesterday. He wants to clarify that he truly respects her. Katha asks him to be clear. Viaan reminds that she said many things to her, but he cannot move one. She has taught him love, not how to get away from it. Katha questions, she cannot repeat the same things or change her decisions. Viaan will never ask her to do so, he has no complaints from her. Viaan hopes best from future, if universe wills they will be together. Katha asks him to understand that seeing a firefly feels like magic, but when he get the firefly it feels ordinary. Viaan clarifies, he doesn’t want to get that firefly but wants to live in its light.

PRECAP: Viaan keeps gazes Katha, she questions him. She knows what he is trying to do. Viaan questions, he has confessed his feelings, he is doing nothing than being happy. Teeji tells Mr. Garewal about Viaan’s feeling for Katha, she cannot see them being together. Reet hears them. At night out with office, Viaan gets hurt, Katha gets worried.

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