Karnataka Election Opinion Poll: Who has the upper hand in the Old Mysore region with the maximum number of seats, the survey increased the tension of both BJP and Congress

ABP Cvoter Karnataka Opinion Poll: Karnataka Assembly Elections have been announced. Voting is to be held for 224 assembly seats in the state. The old Mysore region holds a different importance in the politics of Karnataka. Out of 224 seats in the Karnataka Legislative Assembly, 55 seats come from this region. As beautiful as this area adjacent to Kerala is, the politics here is equally complicated. In the survey conducted by ABP C-Voter regarding the Karnataka elections, shocking results have emerged regarding this area.

ABP News has released the results of the biggest opinion poll regarding the Karnataka elections. In this survey conducted with C-Voter, 24,759 people have been talked to. In this survey conducted on all the assembly seats of Karnataka, an attempt has been made to understand the election mood from the public.

Who got what percentage of votes?

According to the ABP-C voter survey, BJP is expected to get 20 percent votes in Old Mysore area of ​​Karnataka. Congress and JDS are witnessing a neck-to-neck fight in the Vokkaliga community dominated area and both are projected to get 36 per cent votes in the survey. 8 percent votes are seen going to the account of others.

To whom how many seats?

In the old Mysore region, Congress can get 24-28 seats, while JDS, which has influence in this area, has been estimated to get 26-27 seats. This time also BJP does not seem to get any special advantage here and it has been shown to get 1 to 5 seats. Others have been predicted to get 0-1 seats. Looking at the results of the survey, JDS is maintaining a slight lead here.

JDS will play an important role after the elections

ABP News has shown the results of four surveys regarding the Karnataka elections. The grand survey of these four surveys shows that the situation of a hung assembly is about to take shape in the state. According to poll of polls, Congress will become the single largest party with 100-108 seats. BJP is going to get 81-89 seats while JDS is projected to get 27-35 seats. If the results of the survey translate into the results of the actual election, then JDS’s role in forming the government in the 224-member assembly will be crucial.

The Election Commission has announced to hold elections in the state on May 10. Elections will be held in a single phase on all 224 seats. Results will be released on May 13.

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