Kapil Sharma does not get along with his own co-stars! Names of Sunil Grover and Krishna Abhishek are included in the list, know with whom ‘panga’ happened

Kapil Sharma Fight:Everyone likes the style of Kapil Sharma who tickles you, but are his co-stars also aware of this. This is a big question. Because the name of Teva’s popular show ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ has changed, its style has also changed but along with it the co-stars have also changed. This is not the first time that Kapil Sharma’s laugher has suddenly disappeared from the show, many times before also his attitude with his controversies and co-stars has been in the news. Big faces who once worked with Kapil Sharma have parted ways with him today. Know with which co-stars Kapil Sharma’s relationship has deteriorated so far…

Sunil Grover

The first name in this list is that of comedian and tremendous actor Sunil Grover. Fans used to like Sunil Grover, who was once known for Kapil Sharma’s show. In the characters of Dr. Gulati and Gutthi, he made the show green but after that news of his estrangement with Kapil Sharma started coming and Sunil left the show. Even today, on asking both of them about each other, they are seen giving roundabout answers.

Upasana Singh

Renowned actress Upasana Singh used to play the role of Bua Ji in Kapil Sharma’s show. The fan following of Upasana Singh is also very strong. He has also been missing from the show for a long time. What happened between the two, it has not been revealed, but it is reported that he has a estrangement with Kapil Sharma. Because of this, he has left the show. However, in the interview, Upasana has denied these things.

Ali Asghar

Comedian Ali Asargar used to play the character of Dadi in Kapil Sharma’s show. His character was liked by everyone. But grandmother has been missing from the show for some time. It is reported that he left the show after a rift with Kapil Sharma, but Ali Asgar also said in an interview that he left the show because of creative differences.

Sugandha Mishra

The Kapil Sharma show used to be an overdose of entertainment in the presence of Sugandha Mishra, who has made her own identity because of her amazing talent. But after Sunil Grover, Sugandha also quitted the show. He believed that a lot has changed. That’s why he had to leave the show.

Krishna Abhishek

Krishna Abhishek’s bonding with Kapil Sharma was being seen after leaving the show of famous actors like Sunil Grover, Ali Asgar. But his talk about money got spoiled and now he is not a part of the show. Now Krishna does not even like to talk about the show.

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