Junooniyat 14th April 2023 Written Episode Update: Jahaan and Jordan meet with an accident

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The Episode starts with Jahaan and Jordan racing the cars. Ilahi calls her and asks where are you. Husna says I m at home, making tea and pakodas. Ilahi says Jahaan didn’t come home till now, I have called him 10 times. Husna says there would be network problem, you are worrying for him a lot, you are in love with Jahaan, its my prediction and it can never be wrong. Ilahi smiles and thinks of Jahaan. Jahaan and Jordan’s race continues. Jordan asks did you get scared. They both race the cars. Dolly calls Jahaan. She worries.

The milk boiled and gets spilled. She sees that and worries more. Jahaan recalls Ilahi. Jordan checks the car brakes. The brakes don’t work. He hits Jahaan’s car. Jahaan meets with an accident. Jordan also meets with an accident. The petrol leaks from their cars. Varun says I m very happy, thanks for your beautiful gift. Mehta says Varun will earn a bigger name than me. Bebe asks about Jordan. Bau ji says he might have gone out with his friends. Ilahi gets hurt. The smoke gets filled inside the car. Jahaan gets conscious. Dolly asks Baljeet to call Jahaan once. Jahaan breaks the car door. He comes out of the car and falls. Satnaam…plays… Jahaan recalls the accident. He goes and looks for Jordan. Mehta says we shouldn’t worry for Jordan, he would be wasting my earnings on his friends. Bebe asks Mahi to call Jordan. She says I feel restless. Mahi says he isn’t answering. Bebe says something is not right, call Jordan. Mehta and everyone attend her. Jahaan sees Jordan’s car hanging at the roadside valley edge. He tries to open the door and get Jordan out. Sunny says nothing can happen to Jordan. Monica says we must go and find them, if anything happens to Jordan then Mahi won’t leave us. Jahaan breaks the car window. He unlocks the door and tries to get Jordan out. He opens the seat belt. He takes Jordan out of the car. The car falls and blasts. Jahaan looks on. He also faints there. Sunny and everyone come. They see Jordan injured. Monica says Mahi won’t leave us. Sunny asks Sahil to get the car fast. Jahaan is also there. They don’t see Jahaan. Jahaan tries to ask for help. Monica asks where is Jahaan. Sunny sees the car. She says that’s Jahaan’s car, I hope he left the car before it got burnt. Sunny says we should take Jordan to the hospital. Ilahi prays for Jahaan’s safety. Jahaan picks a stone and throws at the car. Sunny asks what was that, stop the car. They get down the car. Sunny says Jahaan is there. They go and rescue Jahaan.

Jordan and Jahaan are hospitalized. Doctor says Jordan has injuries, but its not so serious. Sunny asks about Jahaan. Doctor says he is in bad place, inform his parents, poisonous smoke has choked his lungs. Mahi asks what, Jordan… She says Bebe, Jordan met with an accident, he is at the hospital. They rush. Ilahi worries for Jahaan. Nurse answers the call. Ilahi asks where are you. Nurse says I m a hospital nurse, Jahaan met with an accident, his condition is critical. Ilahi cries. She runs on the road. Her foot bleeds. She doesn’t stop. She reaches the hospital. She asks for Jahaan. The lady says emergency ward. Mahi and family come there to see Jordan. Jahaan feels unwell. Nurse calls the doctor. Ilahi comes there and sees him. She asks how did this happen. She cries. Nurse takes her outside.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Amena

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