Jugalbandi AI will inform rural people about government schemes in their own language, this way it will work

Jugalbandi AI Chatbot : The world of AI is expanding. Now Microsoft on Tuesday launched Generative AI multilingual chatbot through a popular messaging platform. The name of this AI chatbot is Jugalbandi. The popular messaging platform with which collaboration has been done for Jugalbandi is WhatsApp. Jugalbandi is specially created to cover those areas of rural India where the media does not reach easily. With the help of this AI chatbot, the villagers will be able to know about the welfare activities and schemes of the government.

Jugalbandi understands many languages

Rural people will be able to use this AI chatbot on WhatsApp. With this, they will not remain unaware of any government welfare scheme. Whatsapp is such a platform, which is being used by almost everyone. The Jugalbandi chatbot has been developed by AI4Bharat in collaboration with IIT Madras. You know what is the most important thing about it? Jugalbandi can understand about 10 languages. Its purpose is to provide assistance by understanding user queries in multiple languages. Not only this, Jugalbandi can understand both typing and voice notes. 

How does Jugalbandi work? 

After receiving the question from the user, the chatbot receives the information from the relevant program. Information is often only available in English, but Jugalbandi shows users information in their local language. According to Microsoft, Jugalbandi combines AI models from AI4Bharat and the Microsoft Azure OpenAI service, allowing seamless interactions between users and chatbots. Please tell that Jugalbandi was launched in April and its testing has also been done in Biwan, a village near New Delhi, the capital of India. 

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