Japan Shooting: 4 including 2 policemen killed in stabbing and firing in Japan, accused in police custody

Japan Crime: In Japan, a man was arrested in the early hours of Friday (May 26) on charges of killing two policemen including two women. A police spokesman told AFP the suspect was taken into custody at around 4.30 am. The caught criminal was armed with rifle and knife. He was hiding for hours in a house in Nakano City, Japan.

It was shown on local TV that the suspected accused man comes out of the house with his hand on his head and sits in the police car. Police had obtained a court warrant to formally arrest the accused person on Friday morning. Police said they captured the suspect but did not release details ahead of his formal arrest.

Policeman shot

Japanese news TV HNK reported that two women had escaped from the house while the suspect was hiding. One of the women informed the police that the attacker was her son and his father is the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly. Giving information about the accused, the police said that the suspect had shot two police officers when the police went to arrest the accused at the scene after receiving an emergency call.

However, the police did not comment on the report regarding the identity of the suspect. Giving information to the police, an eyewitness said that the assailant first attacked the police officers with a knife and then shot.

The eyewitness asked the accused why he attacked, he replied that he wanted to kill her. The woman and two police officers were pronounced dead at the hospital after the attack.

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