Japan Ban Over Russia: What will Russia do now? Japan will crack down on Putin, is going to ban this thing

Japan Ban Over Russia: Japan will impose additional sanctions on Russia following the Group of Seven G7 summit held last week, Chief Cabinet Secretary Hirokazu Matsuno said on Friday (May 26). . Tokyo’s top government spokesman Matsuno on Thursday condemned Russia’s move to deploy tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus, saying it would further escalate the situation surrounding an invasion of Ukraine.

Matsuno said in a press conference that Japan was the only country to face atomic bombing during the war. Because of this, Japan will never accept Russia’s nuclear threat. Russia should give up its use. G7 leaders, including the US, Britain, Germany and France, showed their resolve to support Ukraine with additional military aid and sanctions on Russia last week at their annual summit in the world’s first atomic-bombed city of Hiroshima.

< p style ="text-align: justify;">Assets of Russian officials to be frozen
Japan’s Foreign Ministry issued a statement on Friday (May 26) saying that in a coordinated action with the G7  countries, Japan Will freeze assets of 78 groups and 17 individuals, including army officers. In addition, Japan will ban exports to 80 Russian entities such as military-affiliated research laboratories.

A statement from the Japanese trade ministry said Japan would also ban construction and engineering services to Russia, although Japan would announce a date when such a ban would come into force.

Britain has also imposed a ban
In the meeting of G7 countries held in Hiroshima, Japan, tough decisions were taken regarding Russia. In this, Russian Diamond was banned from Britain. On this Britain’s PM Rishi Sunak said that his main goal is to harm the economic benefits Russia gets when it is sent to other countries.

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