Jaishankar on PM Modi: S Jaishankar told what happened when he met Modi for the first time

S Jaishankar’s First Meeting With PM Modi: The country’s Foreign Minister S Jaishankar has praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi on many occasions. Recently, he had even said that if there was another Prime Minister other than PM Modi, he would not have made him the Foreign Minister. Now he has narrated the story of his first meeting with PM Narendra Modi and has told what happened with him in this meeting.

Actually Jaishankar had arrived to participate in the India Today Conclave program. During this, he said, “When I look back, I remember that in the year 2011, I met Narendra Modi for the first time. At that time he was the Chief Minister of Gujarat. He was from the opposition party at that time and was also facing a lot of political attacks. At that time he comes to China and I was the ambassador.”

‘briefing sought on China’s problems’

Recalling this meeting, Jaishankar further says, “PM Modi asked me for a briefing on China’s problems. I told him that you are the first Chief Minister who has asked something about national security. On this he told me that I am the CM of the opposition and have come to China. I do not want to say anything which is different from my national position. I have to be very careful, so I want to understand from you. If you feel that I am going here and there in the meeting, then signal me.”

He has already praised PM Modi

On March 3, during the Raisina Dialogues, when the Foreign Minister was asked what if India were a bigger economy than Britain and had sole control over cricket? Foreign Minister said, "I would call it rebalancing. This is history hitting the switch… India is in a very unusual position, once again decisively marching forward and changing in a way that many other civilizational countries have not been in a position to do."

He said about the increasing interest in global issues, "This is because the world is in a difficult place at the moment, and more people are taking an interest in the world. The second reason is the globalization of India. As a cricket team, we want to win matches not only at home but also abroad." External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar told the Prime Minister from the perspective of cricket Narendra Modi in the best way. Praised the PM’s working style.

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