ISRO Chief Speech: ‘India was a learned society since the Vedic period’, ISRO Chief said by referring to Sanskrit

ISRO Chief Speech: Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) Chairman S Somanath said that India was a knowledgeable society since the Vedic period in which culture has played a role.  Somnath said that mathematics, medicine, elemental science, astronomy (astronomy) etc subjects were included which were written in Sanskrit.  

He said that all such teachings came back to the country after several thousand years in the form of ‘discoveries made by Western scientists’. Somnath in Ujjain on Wednesday  Addressing the fourth convocation ceremony of Maharishi Panini Sanskrit and Vedic University, he said that Sanskrit is one of the oldest i.e. old languages ​​of the world which includes poetry, logic, grammar, philosophy, science, technology, mathematics and other allied subjects.  

What did ISRO chairman say? 
S Somnath said, ‘‘ Surya Siddhanta is the first book I came across in Sanskrit. This is about a subject that I am familiar with. This book is specifically about the Solar System, how the planets revolve around the Sun, the periods of its motion, events related to time, etc. ’’ Somnath said that all this knowledge went from here, reached Arabia, then went to Europe and thousands of years later came back to us in the form of great western scientific discovery.  However, all this knowledge was written here in Sanskrit language. 

What did he claim?
ISRO chief Somnath claimed  that people working in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning love Sanskrit and to see There is a lot of research going on how it can be used for computing and natural language processing. 

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