Is Your iPhone Battery Draining Fast After iOS 16.5 Update? If yes, this is the reason

iPhone Battery drainage: Apple can launch IOS 17 in next month’s WWDC event. The company launches its annual event new OS every year. Before launching iOS 17, Apple recently released the iOS 16.5 update for iPhone users. The new update has been released by the company with some great features, which include Pride Celebration Wallpaper for the LGBTQ+ community, Sports tab in Apple News, etc. Although some people are facing battery problems after this new update.

Some iPhone users have reported the problem of battery draining quickly on Apple Forum and Twitter. A user tweeted and wrote that after the iOS 16.5 update, the battery has become completely useless. I turn off my phone while sleeping. When I opened it again, the battery was showing 20%. As soon as I loaded passwords and notifications, the battery percentage decreased by 2%, after that I opened WhatsApp and then the battery decreased by 1%. The user wrote that all this happened in less than 5 minutes. Apart from this, some other users also complained about the battery draining soon after updating the phone.

My battery capacity on my iPhone 14 Pro Max has decreased to 92%, I am currently using iOS 16.5 and have extremely poor battery life. I will now upgrade to iOS 16.6 Beta 1. Anyone else have 92% battery capacity on an iPhone 14 Pro Max?

— y8nn8ck (@y8nn8ck) May 21, 2023

Here’s the reason

If you are also facing this problem, then tell me, the problem of battery drain in iPhone always comes after a new update. Users on social media complain about battery draining problem after almost every major update. A report in Macworld claims that battery draining is not uncommon after the new iOS update as the new operating system forces the phone to perform multiple tasks like re-scan photos and perform background operations, which drains the battery faster. .

Apple said this

Last month, Apple tweeted about the battery drain and told that it is normal for the iPhone battery to drain after the new update, but the good news is that things should be back to normal in just 48 hours. That is, in 48 hours the iPhone completes all the operations. If you are still facing any problem after this then you should get the phone checked once. 

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