IPL 2023: The 16th season of IPL will start from today, know how much this league has changed with the new rules

IPL New Rules: IPL 2023 is starting from today (31 March). Narendra Modi Stadium. Cricket fans will get to see some new things in this match. Actually, this time due to some rules in IPL, a lot is going to be changed. In this season, there has been a big change in two rules like the timing of sharing playing-11 by the captain and DRS. Along with this, a new rule like Impact Player has also come into force. Due to these three rules, IPL can be more interesting this time.

1. Will be able to share playing-11 after toss 
It has always happened in cricket that the teams had to tell their playing-11 before the toss, but this time in IPL both The captains of the teams and the team management will have a new option. Teams will now be able to choose playing-11 after the toss. The captain of both the teams will have two lists. In one list there will be names of playing-11 in case of bowling first and in the second list there will be names of playing-11 in case of batting first. There will also be names of 5-5 substitutes in both these lists, any one of whom can be used as an impact player.

2. The scope of DRS increased
Till now DRS was taken only on the decisions of out or not out in cricket. In IPL 2023, teams will also be able to take DRS on decisions related to wide and no ball by the umpire. Last season, Delhi Capitals captain Rishabh Pant even hinted at calling his batsman back from the field if the umpire did not give a no-ball. That is, this time there will be no such controversies because the captain will be able to challenge such decisions of the umpire through DRS. This will also add interest to the matches, although there has been no increase in the number of DRS available to the teams per innings. That is, only from the available DRS teams will have to take DRS on decisions related to wide and no-balls.

3. Rule of Impact Player
This is a new rule for the cricket world. Although BCCI has implemented this rule in domestic cricket last year. This will be applicable for the first time in IPL. Under this rule, teams can replace one of their players with another player in the middle of the match. A team will be allowed to bring only one impact player in a match. At the time of the toss, the captain will name five substitute players along with the playing-11 and one of these players can be used as an impact player. In order to bring an impact player on the field, the captain has to inform either the field umpire or the fourth umpire.

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