Indore Coronavirus Update: Elderly dies of corona in Indore city, 8 new patients found infected in last 24 hours

MP News:  in Indore on Thursday Coronavirus (Coronavirus) killed a 98-year-old elderly person, while on Friday also the concern of the health department has increased due to the presence of 08 corona positive patients. For the last few days, the corona epidemic is again seen leaving its impact in the city. The death of 98-year-old Naval Kishore Sharma has been confirmed in a private hospital in Indore. Who were fighting the Corona epidemic since April 2.
In the Corona Bulletin issued by the Health Department on Friday, it has been told that only 111 samples have been tested within 24 hours, in which corona has been confirmed in 8 patients. Now the number of corona patients has increased to 59 in Indore city. At the same time, according to the Chief Medical Officer of the Health Department, BS Setia, these are patients who had come to get themselves examined due to some illness and have been found to be corona positive. All these patients are such in whom the symptoms of corona were not visible. who are getting health benefits. Although the condition of all the patients is normal.
1471 deaths due to corona in the last three years in Indore
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