Wrestlers’ reaction on viral video of female wrestler, Vinesh Phogat mentioned reservation bill

Woman Wrestler Viral Video Case: Country’s well-known wrestlers Sakshi Malik and Vinesh Phogat have reacted to an obscene video that went viral involving a female wrestler. Vinesh Phogat in her While saying this, the Women’s Reservation Bill (Nari Shakti Vandan Act Bill) introduced in the Lok Sabha on Tuesday (September 19) was also mentioned. 

Let us tell you that the Olympian wrestler, whose name was added to the video, claimed on Tuesday (September 19) that he has been made the victim of a big conspiracy to defame him.

What did Sakshi Malik say?

Wrestler Sakshi Malik posted a video of herself on social media platform People from the side of accused Brij Bhushan are continuously trying to defame the farmer community and the daughters of Haryana.”

He said, “A few days ago, a rumor was being spread about me too that I had reached an agreement with the accused, which is a complete lie.” The IT cell of the same accused party has been making an obscene video viral for three-four days…” Sakshi Malik said that the female wrestler claimed to be in the video is wrong, she has nothing to do with the video. -Don’t want to give.

With this he said, “The fight we started was for justice and no matter how much people from the accused’s side try to defame us, our fight will continue until we get justice.” .”

Truth may be troubled but not defeated.🙏 pic.twitter.com/1UB6Xe9xsA

— Sakshee Malikkh (@SakshiMalik) September 19, 2023

Will the government be able to get justice to that female wrestler – Vinesh Phogat

Vinesh Phogat further wrote, “Two days ago, a fake video was uploaded on social media in the name of a female wrestler of the country to defame her. Where is the government sleeping? Will the government be able to provide justice to that female wrestler? The government is not only saving a person like Brij Bhushan, but is also promoting people with similar mentality. After the bill comes, I hope that the 181 women MPs who will sit in the Parliament will fight for the respect of women and stand with women.”

Police caught the accused

Let us tell you that in the viral video case, on September 18, Haryana Police had arrested an accused from Hisar and told that the picture of the wrestler was tampered. According to news agency PTI, the police said that the 30-second video clip has nothing to do with the female wrestler, whose name was used by the accused in the video.

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